Calzedonia catalog 2016 presents an admirable new Spring Summer 2016. We soon discovered what the new trends that we expect for the next hot season. In 2016 it is presented in advance of the new feature collection. In which we find a totally new look that has a snappy style and ironic.

What will be the novelties of the new Calzedonia catalog 2016?

In the catalog we find prints, but so many playful prints and cheeky. For example we find a lot of fruit and ice cream in the summer you want a lot especially during the hot days that never end. There is nothing better than an ice cream. Well here we talk about anything but ice cream, an ice cream printed but it’s always nice to do to women they love in casual style for women’s underwear. Calzedonia catalog 2016 decorates playful style with a part of his collection to the craziest season of the year. Parties and always fun in this period.

Calzedonia leggings  tights and


calzedonia 2016

A particular attention to this part of the all-female collection. Here we find elegant details. These stylish models are embellished with evergreen details.

But when you want to own them leggings Leggins Calzedonia are proposed mainly in denim. Outlining one of the parts in the casual chic style collection.

The new proposals trends in Calzedonia catalog in 2016 for spring summer season delights us with specific details playful, and elegant tights. We look forward to seeing even what the news regarding the collection Calzedonia swimwear 2016.

And if you want to pair with delicious intimate fabulous printed socks Vedre propose to go to the brand new collection of underwear Tezenis that youth with new ones playful proposals is the case.

calzedonia catalogo

However for women by fine touch and who love the sexy touch we recommend the new arrivals of Intimissimi collection 2016.

Intimissimi costumi

Waiting for the arrival of the new collection Calzedonia catalog 2016 we can go and try all these new arrivals that come out from week to week.

Take another leap ahead of the summer to check the Calzedonia 2016 beachwear collection.