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try a new hairstyle from the past: 4 Old School hair Cuts for women

try a new hairstyle from the past: 4 Old School haircuts for women. Beautiful ideas how to use old style for renew your hairstyle. Interesting ideas for new style in your life. The best past hairdos for the new you. 4 hairstyles for long hair.

Hair cuts old school beautiful Women

Below are some of the hairstyles of the old school more popular and fashionable for women who want to try look of the school, both modern and ancient at the same time.

# 1. 1920 Bob finger wave


Bob hair cut of the waveform of the finger by a teenage girl of the age short hairstyles for women.

This was one of the most common short haircuts and preferred at that time. Small hair with waves looks very beautiful. You can apply this hair cutting in all textures of hair.

# 2. Hive

voluminous haircut for long hair from the old school


Hive is the hairstyle that suits you the best if you have longer hair. In this pretty hairstyle, the hair represents a form of dome height, looks beautiful. Can set the hair front to cover his forehead.

# 3. Buffett

old hairstyle for women 40 years


There are different types of hair straightening. In this haircut, the hair is divided into two sections, the hair on the back of the head are left free at the ends rotating while the front is covered with hair front. hair band adds to the charm of this hairstyle. This was the famous hairstyle of the decade of 1960.

# 4. Pull pen

cutting hair the old school hairstyle


One of the hairstyles most attractive of the 1970s flip feathered was judged by many celebrities. This hairstyle is still famous now with a different name, with some of the new developments.

Easy braids for long hair – hairstyles for women

There’s nothing like braids to fix the hair at all times, since they are a comfortable, practical hairstyle and that never goes out of fashion. And if you have long hair you have many options to test that you can see well in all kinds of occasions.

Many hairstyles for long hair, however, come to seem impossible only with seeing them, insomuch that we give by expired or prefer to leave them for when we go with the hairdresser.

As well, this time we will see some easy to make in a long hair, braids that you do not more than a few minutes.

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Basic braid hairstyle


Braid the hair as you have shown us all life is easier and also stylish. What today is thinning locks of hair that you interlocks to give you a bit of volume to your hairstyle.

Braid loose long


Loose braids are made in the same way that the Basic, except that you can begin to leave the top of your hair to protrude below and a casual look. You can also braid your hair strands down to obtain a basic braid inverted.

Herringbone braid long hairstyle


One of the most beautiful for its texture and shape. It seems difficult, but it is actually even more comfortable do braids usual, because you only linked two sections of hair pulling strands of both sides. And the result is fantastic.

Braid reversed


Also called braid German, is to divide the hair into three sections from the root and then cash them intertwining below, until you get that queue which part the hair in half. Also the short haircuts are beautiful and very fashionable.

The most classic of all and a favorite of those who love the hair with volume. French Braid is done by dividing the hair into three from the root, and weaving it in a normal manner. In fact, it is perfect for those who have long hair, because it keeps him away from the face and a very nice effect.

How to make easy braids for long hair

We have already seen are easier to develop in a long hair braids. Now it is time to learn how we can make every one of them, depending on the look that you want to test or the place that we go.

With a different difficulty level but also very simple, these braids are ideal for going to school, go out with your friends, be presentable in the office or even formal events such as weddings.

Which one was your favorite?

Private jet

Global is revealed that there is a large market, for private jet aviation, on which little is known. Although this business is not new, it had a very strong growth in recent years and, for those who never rode in one of these planes is difficult to imagine the experience.

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The exclusive private jet market is divided among the owners, as most first-line entrepreneurs, and companies that offer the service of air transportation, mostly hired by celebrities, artists, athletes, politicians and businessmen.
In Argentina the market grew exponentially from 2008 to 2012 and in recent years has stagnated a little. However, there are prospects that when the economy recovers the business pick up again. In 2007 the number of private jets, ie aircraft turbines, registered were 47, and now there are 160. This was because, since the American market, where there are about 15,000 jets, came to offer a very low price used airplanes by the crisis in that country.

private jet

how much is a private jet

Since then the exchange difference was still not as great in Argentina, many entrepreneurs took the opportunity to buy their own ship. The value of used aircraft dropped so that it left a big gap on the value of the new. Since that time you can get a plane before the crisis was worth $ 4 million to $ 2 million, and some are achieved by $ 1 million. The same new aircraft worth about $ 8 million.
Marcelo Porchetto, a pilot of private aviation business growth confirmed: “The market in Argentina has grown exceptionally, similar to tennis paddle, which originally had two or three and suddenly began to appear everywhere. The business aviation, even if it appears it is 85% of the aviation market in the world. ”

For many entrepreneurs take flight hours it is critical

Within the total of private jet , an important part of those belonging to individuals are entrepreneurs frontline country. This happened because they are the ones who have the greatest need for this service, which can have a maintenance cost 10,000 to 20,000 dollars per month.

Therefore, those who make such a large outlay of money are usually those who by their work have to move a lot, and this means of transport can have a meeting tomorrow in Mendoza, in the afternoon another in Santiago de Chile, and night to be back at home in Buenos Aires.

The need is explained through a very clear formula. “There is an equation that says if you fly less than 300 hours per year more rent than you should have your own plane,” Livi justified Miguel, president of Royal Class, a private aviation companies.

Within maintenance costs hangars, fuel, crew, insurance and maintenance of the machine itself are included. Although these numbers vary greatly depending on the ship, costs Beechjet 400 aircraft, a jet for eight, are about $ 4000 per month hangar (its value is calculated per square meter), maintenance $ 2,000 per month, $ 2,000 of insurance, crew’s salaries and taxes and patents. Besides fuel costs $ 10.70 a liter and 750 liters cargo tank total.

The pilot of private aviation confirmed the importance of this market, “Move over what is known or believed also is likely to be much larger than it is generates a large economic movement in fuel, staff.. that is hired, limos, catering. It is a very large and unknown market. ”

Companies that hire celebrities

The experience of private jet travel is complete, since leaving the house to landing
The experience of private jet travel is complete, exit from the house to the aterrizaje.
However, a very large part of the private aviation are not owners but the companies that offer this service. The country has around 25 and are an alternative for those looking to travel in comfort and privacy, but do so with a frequency to justify having your own.

Those who generally hire private planes are artists and celebrities on a regular flight are heavily exposed. Also they used by many politicians, some players with a lot of money and business. Among the famous Argentines who hire this service are Susana Gimenez, Marcelo Tinelli and Lionel Messi.

The price of flights is calculated per kilometer and the value is $ 4.30. A trip to Punta del Este is priced in dollars around 5000 aircraft Bariloche around $ 11,000 and $ 100,000 Miami. A flight in business class on a commercial airline to that destination is worth about $ 74,000 or $ 7,600, depending on the airline, which multiplied by eight passengers equals $ 592,000 or $ 60,800.

Moreover, flights to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, cost about 19,000 dollars, but in the world will come to pay up to 40,000 dollars. The Visco said that “although the price is regulated supply and demand in part, also increased by abusive airport costs imposed by the Brazilians, as well as accommodation costs for the crew.”

The advantages

Some of the advantages of this service is that the person may decide to travel schedules, customs procedures are faster and more comfortable aircraft. In addition, companies strive to make the trip meets the tastes and needs of the client.

“Since a person comes to board the plane that takes just 20 minutes why give those most use are entrepreneurs who place a high value on their time,” said Livi adding: “We have customers in many companies who blow a mid-level managers, because the productivity of that person for the company is very high through the air. People move faster without downtime or expense in hotels. ”

“Another feature of our flights is that they are not a commodity, but a service from the exit of the office to the destination, and where the entire plane prepares to tastes and preferences. If you like There the gas light that, and there are publications based on their interests. In addition, the crew is ready to detect if the person is in a good mood or not. We want the customer feel that the airplane is yours and not rented, “said Livi.

Private Jet Charter companies meet the tastes and preferences of their customers
Jet Charter companies meet the tastes and preferences of their clientes.Foto: Courtesy Royal Class
Private flights depart mostly from the International Airport of San Fernando, by a decree wants to bring private aviation to that place, although there are still some companies that operate from Aeroparque. “In Argentina, although the use of these services has grown in stages, not the infrastructure that should be ahead of this growth,” he criticized the pilot Porchetto.

For its part, The Visco said on vacation increases the frequency of flights. “Many entrepreneurs take their families to have a longer summer, and they bounce back and take the opportunity to enjoy also other houses that have outside as in the south, or any field “, he added.

Porchetto said that another big advantage is that it could reach destinations that otherwise is difficult to access. “If you want to go to Saint Marteen or Easter, or Anchorage in Alaska could not go on a direct airline, which if you can with a private plane. The same goes if you have a field 500 kilometers, which would it take to go by car about six hours on a plane and just an hour and a half, “he added.

How much is to rent a private jet?

Yesterday,i watched on tv the news and there was a service on flights with private jets and was said today to hire a private plane it is not at all expensive, even if for example you are 4 saves as well. Now private flights are convenient for everyone.

Now that the crisis is not there ‘and we all have a lot of money, I wanted to ask if someone could give me an idea of the cost to rent a private jet, I would like to get this curiosity

I usually go with Ryanair but if the private plane can save something is better (I am a beggar, I look at the news of the tv but I did not vote for the PDL)


how much is a private jet


Having said that I’ve only given a light aircraft half an hour flight (and are about 80 EUR for one houre) …

is needed to know the plane is needed to go where?

because if you want a 4 divedere in flight with a falcon 900 (and if you talk to Rynair I think this is the minimum to equate a Rynair) I think you need a winning the lottery to travel …
if you prefer the helicopter, type a109 power, it is 80 Euros that too, but unlike the plane from tourism amounted places the cost is minute (for: a minute …)


Here in Naples sightseeing airplane of 500 Euros for an hour. Figure that can be divided with up to four passengers.

Answer 3

It was precisely the point: it depends on where you want to go.
because if I speak of Ryanair as a comparison, I think you want to go to London, for example, or in Sicily from northern Italy
and go to London with a paiper doing 200 km \ h cruising with up to 4 hours you do, but then how aero turism. and then the flight is part of the holiday. and expense as well.
but definitely not go to London or even  in Sicily with a piper to save than a scheduled flight.
then you will need a falcon 900 or less (it was not a joke) or taxi the aircraft type P180, what planes even if they go a bit ‘less than those of line (we are about 600-700 km \ h) at least will ensure more 2000 km direct flights.
then keep in mind that the 80 euro a half hour refer to a tour of Padova and the hills will make in August, perhaps in promotion EPR do not know what anniversary of the club.
but if you take away the pilot for long routes means make him sleep outside, it means paying taxes , parking etc, it becomes something very expensive.

but in fact I think this will cost more than a round … (after all with € 80 you can have an A \ R for London or Ireland …)
then maybe citation will correct what I have squared with the hoe.

How much is to charter a private jet cost

If you where wondering how much is to charter a private jet cost. Lets talk a little how much it will cost you.

Today the rental of private jet charters is no longer odious as it once was and especially if you have a group. When are more than one person, you can treat yourself to this experience without spending time to boggling about it.

Private jet charter

Obviously it all depends on the type that you want to rent.  Seen that for the rental of an Private jet cost increases. Meanwhile if you want to have a  panoramic tour of the city  ( like rent a private jet charter in NYC to do the tour around) the expenditure is less and your charter a private jet cost prices decreases. This because is like half one hour flight. Just to see around.

How much is a Private jet

In principle, one hour flight on a private jet with minimum capacity of a medium air plain 8 people and a maximum of 12 seats costs up to € 8000.
For example, while the tour of air plane in the city costs € 500 per hour.

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You can then decide to use the services of aircraft hire to celebrate an anniversary, to give a different experience to a loved one or simply to move from side to side while taking account of prices and their availability.

In any case, when you rent a plane you have available the carrier, the runway and landing, the pilot and a whole range of services that increase with the increase of the price and sometimes even include meals and entertainment on board.