Colour for long and short hair ‘Rose gold’, the color that you need to have in this season

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, there comes the trend of the season. Colour for long and short hair ‘Rose gold’, and if hair is treated, pink and gold is so of the moment. Rose gold is the new trend of hair, on instagram.

I know, it sounds strange until you see how it looks, and the truth is that goes great, it is definitely for girls daring and not so daring but you are also looking for a change.


Hairstyle for women golden pink.

This mix bright shades of red, pink, blond has been adopted by celebrities and common people alike. In addition, tone is very flattering and the perfect style for this season. Would you let these photographs help you to decide?
Try a mixture of light, radiant colors


Hair rose gold, hair of side. Also good for short hairstyles for women

To tone with eyebrows strong perfectly shaped may be the best for the summer.
Actress Sienna Miller has already dared to change her look

Sienna Miller with pink hair and golden brown.
It is the transition that many were looking for
It can be perfect on darker tones

Golden rose in a darker shade.
You can look as gentle or rough as you choose to take it

Hair for woman golden rose, look tender.

  • Pink hair and golden, shaved on one side.
    How interesting, outgoing, without fear of change?
  • Perry with the pink hair golden.
    The perfect combination of red with pink and golden
  • Famous using the color pink, golden.
    The more vibrant the better, and it wears well with any style
  • Photo mirror effect, pink hair and golden
    Into the hair short is also a must of the season
  • Pink and golden short hair.

Pink and golden short hair.


Isn’t it amazing on the short haircuts, with this rose light.

It is neither very blonde, nor too pink, it is the color of the season. Take the boldness to try this new hairstyle look. It will amaze you the effect on your look.