Easy braids for long hair – hairstyles for women

There’s nothing like braids to fix the hair at all times, since they are a comfortable, practical hairstyle and that never goes out of fashion. And if you have long hair you have many options to test that you can see well in all kinds of occasions.

Many hairstyles for long hair, however, come to seem impossible only with seeing them, insomuch that we give by expired or prefer to leave them for when we go with the hairdresser.

As well, this time we will see some easy to make in a long hair, braids that you do not more than a few minutes.

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Basic braid hairstyle


Braid the hair as you have shown us all life is easier and also stylish. What today is thinning locks of hair that you interlocks to give you a bit of volume to your hairstyle.

Braid loose long


Loose braids are made in the same way that the Basic, except that you can begin to leave the top of your hair to protrude below and a casual look. You can also braid your hair strands down to obtain a basic braid inverted.

Herringbone braid long hairstyle


One of the most beautiful for its texture and shape. It seems difficult, but it is actually even more comfortable do braids usual, because you only linked two sections of hair pulling strands of both sides. And the result is fantastic.

Braid reversed


Also called braid German, is to divide the hair into three sections from the root and then cash them intertwining below, until you get that queue which part the hair in half. Also the short haircuts are beautiful and very fashionable.

The most classic of all and a favorite of those who love the hair with volume. French Braid is done by dividing the hair into three from the root, and weaving it in a normal manner. In fact, it is perfect for those who have long hair, because it keeps him away from the face and a very nice effect.

How to make easy braids for long hair

We have already seen are easier to develop in a long hair braids. Now it is time to learn how we can make every one of them, depending on the look that you want to test or the place that we go.

With a different difficulty level but also very simple, these braids are ideal for going to school, go out with your friends, be presentable in the office or even formal events such as weddings.

Which one was your favorite?