How much is to rent a private jet?

Yesterday,i watched on tv the news and there was a service on flights with private jets and was said today to hire a private plane it is not at all expensive, even if for example you are 4 saves as well. Now private flights are convenient for everyone.

Now that the crisis is not there ‘and we all have a lot of money, I wanted to ask if someone could give me an idea of the cost to rent a private jet, I would like to get this curiosity

I usually go with Ryanair but if the private plane can save something is better (I am a beggar, I look at the news of the tv but I did not vote for the PDL)


how much is a private jet


Having said that I’ve only given a light aircraft half an hour flight (and are about 80 EUR for one houre) …

is needed to know the plane is needed to go where?

because if you want a 4 divedere in flight with a falcon 900 (and if you talk to Rynair I think this is the minimum to equate a Rynair) I think you need a winning the lottery to travel …
if you prefer the helicopter, type a109 power, it is 80 Euros that too, but unlike the plane from tourism amounted places the cost is minute (for: a minute …)


Here in Naples sightseeing airplane of 500 Euros for an hour. Figure that can be divided with up to four passengers.

Answer 3

It was precisely the point: it depends on where you want to go.
because if I speak of Ryanair as a comparison, I think you want to go to London, for example, or in Sicily from northern Italy
and go to London with a paiper doing 200 km \ h cruising with up to 4 hours you do, but then how aero turism. and then the flight is part of the holiday. and expense as well.
but definitely not go to London or even  in Sicily with a piper to save than a scheduled flight.
then you will need a falcon 900 or less (it was not a joke) or taxi the aircraft type P180, what planes even if they go a bit ‘less than those of line (we are about 600-700 km \ h) at least will ensure more 2000 km direct flights.
then keep in mind that the 80 euro a half hour refer to a tour of Padova and the hills will make in August, perhaps in promotion EPR do not know what anniversary of the club.
but if you take away the pilot for long routes means make him sleep outside, it means paying taxes , parking etc, it becomes something very expensive.

but in fact I think this will cost more than a round … (after all with € 80 you can have an A \ R for London or Ireland …)
then maybe citation will correct what I have squared with the hoe.