The brand new freshly baked Intimissimi collection 2016 opens the door to a world of lingerie for the new season top. For spring-summer 2016 that give us many attractive solutions for the modern woman. Particularly feminine, elegant, fashionable but also very easy to wear always wear under clothes both casual and elegant.

Do not even worry about the fierce sporting a sporty look is. Instead with our models you can have precious and chic look. Instead outfit for every day of the comfortable casual models.

We are still in the middle of winter and the catalog Intimissimi 2016, and ready to be raised. There are several proposals that Intimissimi shows us in the catalog of which we can not wait to find out the top models and go in Intimissimi stores to buy them. When they finished the winter balances in 2016 we expect these nine ideas for underwear.

intimissimi 2016

Catalogue intimissimi 2016

Intimissimi 2016 Glamour Indies

Intimissimi catalog here is the brand new freshly baked Intimissimi Spring Collection 2016, sensual and with surprises at low prices.

The recent collection Glamour Indies one can say that is perfect for those who want to draw an attention to the elegance pours through design and ideas that were not expected to see. The timeless character that makes a wonderful impression is black. Just the black and the main protagonist of this season, but not the only color that stands out in this collection to make her jump the heart of every woman. The main seduction style that helps women make you feel much more at ease and be ready for any opportunity always with intimate that seduces.

Intimissimi catalog Elegant Rock

Intimissimi in the catalog 2016 The stylish rock and gritty style and trend. Intimissimi in the collection spring summer 2016 we find not only elegance but also of snappy models dedicated to women who want to be unseen wearing an intimate character. Facing life with these models Elegant Rock helps you to face the day with determination and grit.

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