try a new hairstyle from the past: 4 Old School hair Cuts for women

try a new hairstyle from the past: 4 Old School haircuts for women. Beautiful ideas how to use old style for renew your hairstyle. Interesting ideas for new style in your life. The best past hairdos for the new you. 4 hairstyles for long hair.

Hair cuts old school beautiful Women

Below are some of the hairstyles of the old school more popular and fashionable for women who want to try look of the school, both modern and ancient at the same time.

# 1. 1920 Bob finger wave


Bob hair cut of the waveform of the finger by a teenage girl of the age short hairstyles for women.

This was one of the most common short haircuts and preferred at that time. Small hair with waves looks very beautiful. You can apply this hair cutting in all textures of hair.

# 2. Hive

voluminous haircut for long hair from the old school


Hive is the hairstyle that suits you the best if you have longer hair. In this pretty hairstyle, the hair represents a form of dome height, looks beautiful. Can set the hair front to cover his forehead.

# 3. Buffett

old hairstyle for women 40 years


There are different types of hair straightening. In this haircut, the hair is divided into two sections, the hair on the back of the head are left free at the ends rotating while the front is covered with hair front. hair band adds to the charm of this hairstyle. This was the famous hairstyle of the decade of 1960.

# 4. Pull pen

cutting hair the old school hairstyle


One of the hairstyles most attractive of the 1970s flip feathered was judged by many celebrities. This hairstyle is still famous now with a different name, with some of the new developments.