3 tips for creating the ultimate gaming setup

The great thing about the gaming community is that it encompasses so many different people from diverse backgrounds. Don’t listen to these opponents of the PC master race! No matter where someone is from, how much money they have or what they play with, they are all equal as players.

With all this diversity, when it comes to creating the ultimate gaming setup, it can differ significantly from person to person. A person might think that the top configuration is all the latest hardware with an RGB rainbow inserted into every visible surface. Someone else might see their ultimate setup as a few things they need to play comfortably while on budget.

No matter what someone thinks about an ultimate setup, there are some essential ingredients that almost always make up this awesome setup sauce. Let’s see what gamers need to properly set up their ultimate gaming setup.

A comfortable cushion

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First of all, gaming is a hobby that usually requires a lot of sitting time – even with the Wii if someone is dedicated enough. Thus, a good setup always requires comfortable furniture and supporting the posture. This last part is also essential, but it gets overlooked, and people then wonder why they end up looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

People think a good gaming chair – and a good PC desk – will hold them back financially. So they settle for mediocre office chairs and desks that are too high or too low, leading to back problems. But there are plenty of budget options available in the market these days, and sometimes it helps to look for a good sale or a discount as well.

High end chairs like the Secretlab Titan series will definitely add some sparkle to the room. But budget options like a GT Racing gaming chair are still a decent addition, and at a much lower price point.

Carefully chosen peripherals

Steelseries mouse

Peripherals are probably more difficult to choose than a PC version because there are so many choices. For PC gamers in particular, the list is almost endless and also includes the option to add specific controllers to the console or PC. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to start making comparison lists.

Start by listing the items that need to be purchased, from most necessary to least. Think about:

  • Earphones / Headphones
  • Keyboards
  • Computer mouse
  • Controllers
  • Under hands
  • Lighting
  • Other additions, like headphone mounts and controller accessories

With each of these devices, a lot of research is needed. For example, when it comes to headsets, people have to think about whether they want an attached or built-in mic and noise-canceling or open-back headphones, among others. Along with keyboards, there are normal keyboards and mechanical keyboards (with different key switches) and wired and wireless options, for example.

Remember, when researching and purchasing all of these products online, cybersecurity should be considered. For example, if you are a fan of Amazon products, using something like a VPN for Firestick (see here) can ensure that hackers don’t intercept all of those expensive purchases, which would be a shame.

Choose between a monitor, TV screen, or gaming projector

portable monitor
Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

While this technically counts as a “peripheral” as well, a screen is one of the most essential parts of a good gaming setup. Again, there are a lot of options to choose from here. But instead of going into the merits of the individual models, here’s a quick breakdown of each category:

  • Gaming Monitor: Gaming purists will maintain that monitors are the best option, and in many ways they’re not wrong. Monitors have higher refresh rates and lower input lag than most televisions and projectors. They also tend to be cheaper too.
  • TV Screen: Despite the naysayers, many people still prefer to play with a TV over a monitor, and there’s nothing wrong with that. They are bigger, more versatile, and allow for better social play. Plus, these days there are some pretty impressive TVs on the market – with equally impressive price tags, of course.
  • Gaming Projector: Gaming projectors are still on the dark side of things, but they are growing in popularity. Their main advantage is simply their massive size, which provides better immersion and more versatility. Manufacturers have also started to adapt their specifications to the needs of gamers in more high-end projectors, but they can get quite expensive.

The bottom line

It doesn’t matter what type of player someone is. Anyone can appreciate a great game setup. Usually an ultimate game setup guide talks about all the newest and coolest items on the market, but not many people can afford all of that.

So instead of trying to compete with “the best,” think about what’s important. Set a budget and find the ultimate gear and accessories within that budget.

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