6 tips and tricks to help you improve your Valorant gaming skills

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Mastering a new game is never easy, and no matter how many similar games you’ve played before as you explore new lore and when you need to create new characters, it’s going to be a challenge. Every new game on the market is unique and special, and for some games you need a lot more skill than you need with others.

On a related note, some steps can be taken easily, while others will require you to focus for hours, or even days, if you want to take it to the next level. Valorant is a game released in the summer of 2020 and currently has around 15 million active players. This is an addicting game, free and performed in FPS hero mode where your character will have unique abilities and special skills. If you’re just exploring it, or considering downloading it, you’re probably wondering what you can do to be better than other gamers. Read on if you want to learn some tips and tricks that will help you improve your Valorant gaming skills.

1. Improve your goal

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Since this is an FPS game, you have to know how to shoot and you have to know how to hit the target every time you pull the trigger. There are several ways to do this, and you have to start with choose the right weapon for you. Some will be more difficult for you to deal with than others, so you have to see what you’re comfortable with.

Remember, just because you’ve read somewhere that a particular weapon is going to do wonders, doesn’t mean you should use it. Explore new weapons, see if you need to change the way you hold them, and remember you need to be comfortable with what you wear first.

2. Practice as much as you can

Practicing a lot will always help you improve in any game, and no matter how many tutorials you see or how many articles you read, it’s still about learning how to play the game. be patient with yourself because nothing happens overnight. You will have to pay for hours and days, and you have to understand every aspect of the game. The more you play, the better you will become and ultimately, you will master Valorant.

3. Explore new possibilities

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If you are looking to go through the stages with ease, and if you don’t want to get stuck in beginner mode for a long time, then you have to see what is available in the market. You can use boosters and special accounts, and as you can see on AussyELO, you are free to purchase an oce LoL account or a Valorant which will help you improve your gameplay.

You can also explore items like aim trainers or additional boosters that will help you overcome many stages and challenges in the game.

4. Learn when it’s time to stand still and when to run

When we play FPS games, more often than not we think the best thing we can do is run around the entire map, kill everything, and do everything at the same time. Even though in some games this is going to be beneficial for you, this game is slightly different from anything you have come across before.

There will be times when you will have to sit still and wait for the best time to attack, while at other times you will have to run as fast as possible. You don’t want your opponents to know where you are all the time, so it’s best to stay hidden while you think about the best strategy.

5. Make sure you understand what others are doing

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Watching your competition and other players will help you a lot, so before you start running around and shooting aimlessly you need to see what other people are doing. Try to understand their strategy and see how you can intercept them. Over time, you will be able to predict their movement and be better than them.

On a related note, you should check out what more experienced gamers are doing and you can watch their videos and tutorials. They will explain things to you step by step and you will increase your knowledge just by observing their movements.

6. Understanding the map

When you start playing, you need to understand what the map has to offer, its size, how long you will need to complete your tasks, and where your opponents are. Just walking around won’t help you, and you need to find places that will be the best hiding places, and on the same note, you need to know where you can’t hide and what areas you’ll need to sprint. Explore the map a bit before you start playing so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises.

7. Familiarize yourself with your character

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One of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make is changing characters all the time. You should never do this, and you can’t master a room if you change characters all the time. As we mentioned earlier, each character in this piece has unique powers and abilities and you have to feel comfortable with them. Try to explore just one type of game for at least a week before deciding it’s not the right one for you.

Lastly, you need to know how to play well with others, and you can’t blame your team members for anything that has gone wrong. Learn when it’s your mistake and what things can be improved with your crew. Take your time to get used to the game, and to get used to the way other people play. Sometimes you just need to adjust and other times you might need to change your team. It’s an amazing game worth your time, but you also need to be patient and know that things don’t happen overnight.