7 ways to incorporate RGB lighting into your gaming setup

The choice to play on PC has become more and more popular over the years. There’s no denying how powerful a PC is compared to the latest video game consoles. Despite the power of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X over their predecessors, a high-end gaming PC will still be much more proficient in terms of processing power, storage, frame rates, and resolution.

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One thing a lot of PC gamers do with their setups is add RGB lighting in order to make their battle stations even more appealing. If this is something you are considering as well, know that there are several ways to properly integrate RGB into your setup to make it more personal and your gaming experience more rewarding.

RGB devices

RGB devices

The easiest way to get RGB into a setup is to make sure the keyboard and mouse support it. These days, it’s almost impossible to find a keyboard or mouse that doesn’t come with this feature. Not only will this make your peripherals more attractive, but it will also make the newest first person shooter and night work more refreshing if you ever don’t have a night light or monitor light bar built into your setup. .

Just make sure that just because the keyboard and mouse have RGB lighting doesn’t mean you need to get them right away. There are other things to consider as well like keyboard switches and mouse DPI capabilities. RGB lighting is just a really good bonus that you need to watch out for.

Behind the monitor

DreamScreen polarization lighting

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A very interesting way to incorporate RGB into a setup is to add RGB stripes behind a monitor. Not only will it make your setup look amazing, but it will also make your viewing experience much more comfortable. The idea behind this is called polarization lighting.

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Polarization lighting is the light you shine onto the wall behind your monitor, and it does more than just improve the aesthetics of your setup. It also reduces eye strain by reducing the darkness surrounding your monitor, making your eyes more relaxed when staring at the screen for long hours, which, in all fairness, is something you’ll be doing consistently while gaming. .

Behind and under your desk

game table

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If the light behind your monitor isn’t enough, you can make your entire setup even more vivid by adding RGB behind their desks. Not only is the back of the monitor illuminated, but now the back of the entire workstation or gaming station is too.

Some people take it a step further by also adding RGB lighting under their desks, but that decision is ultimately up to you.

RGB PC fans

rgb pc fans

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Your PC setup doesn’t just revolve around what you see in front of you, like your keyboard, mouse, and monitor, you also need to consider your entire PC tower. PCs these days come with glass panels so you can see the beauty of your rig in all its glory. If you plan to incorporate RGB lighting into your setup, you can add RGB in your PC as well.

Many PC fans are manufactured with RGB lighting installed. Most PCs have at least three fans inside their case, which is already enough to light up the PC. Of course, it is possible to add more if your PC requires more cooling or if you want the system to be brighter.


ram pc

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Another way to add RGB lighting into your PC build is to choose RAMs that come with RGB covers. These add so much more nuance to the overall look of your PC version, it’s amazing how more gorgeous a version can be with this minor change.

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Again, however, don’t choose RAM just because it comes with RGB. Its specifications are, of course, the most important factors. Fortunately, many of today’s best RAMs already come with RGB covers.

GPU backplates

asus graphics card

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A gaming PC is not a real gaming PC without a powerful GPU. Every midrange to high-end gaming PC needs it. They are expensive, but if you are an avid gamer, they are definitely worth it. GPUs already have a pretty attractive design. They are elegant and sharp. However, another way to make a GPU even more attractive is to add a custom backplate.

This is where you can also incorporate RGB lighting into your setup as there are GPU backplates that come with it. This should make your build stand out even more.

RGB strips inside the chassis and RGB cables

Game PC building via JamesTheBard on Imgur

via JamesTheBard on Imgur

If your PC version already came with RGB fans, RGB RAM, and RGB GPU backplates, your setup should already have as much light as it can get. However, if you want and can, you can take it a step further by placing RGB strips inside your PC chassis. Apart from that, there are also a handful of cases that already come with this feature.

Another thing you can do is use RGB cable combs. These great looking additions to your PC will not only add more light to your build, but they will also make your cable management more polished.

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