A new veteran debuts in the military game league

Before enlisting in the US Marine Corps, Chris Earl was a professional gamer. He gave that up after joining the military, but after leaving the Marines in 2020, he decided to start Regiment Gaming to maintain his military camaraderie and unite veterans into a gaming community.

But as more and more veterans flocked to Regiment Gaming – including during a successful collaboration with an online gaming tournament with the American Legion in December – Earl wanted to expand his efforts into the veteran gaming community. And now he has.

Earl started the Veteran Gaming League, which calls itself “the official gaming league for military and military veterans”.

“Our mission is to provide veterans and service members of the United States Armed Forces with unique professional gaming opportunities through online and in-person gaming events,” Earl said. “We will be hosting many tournaments with free-entry cash prizes, allowing veterans and military members to gain exposure in the gaming industry.”

Regiment Gaming, which has also partnered with the American Legion for a live Department of Veterans Affairs support workshop for veterans and service members, has already launched the new league. Earl said the league’s tournament platform website will be completed in May.

“When I started Regiment it was always in my head ‘it’s a great idea. It’s going to be huge. But it’s just in the back of my head,’ Earl said. “I don’t never really thought it would get to the point where it is today, especially so fast. I never thought that a year and a half after starting my first business, I would be starting a second one. It definitely exploded a lot faster than expected.

Earl encourages any veteran interested in participating in the league to register via Discord.

“It’s kind of a way for veterans and active military members to actually participate in legitimate professional leagues through a host of online and in-person events. And it’s really a way for them to show off their skills and play alongside the best players in these video games. This will give them a real chance to make a name for themselves.