An IPL-style league for video games

With the rise of esports around the world, it was only a matter of time before anyone realized that a country of over a billion people cannot be ignored. The Indian Gaming League is going to do just that by creating an IPL-style league for video games.

Founded by brothers Yash Pariani (23) and Krish Galiani (20), the Indian Gaming League seeks to fill the void for regular online and offline Esports events.

In partnership with professional esports organizers, Major League Gaming of the United States, most of IGL’s activities will take place online where players and teams compete against each other in daily and weekly events to accumulate “points.” pro ”.

Around mid-May, the best teams will face off in a qualifying match from which the Final 8s will advance to the inaugural league. Each team will be signed by one of the city’s eight franchises.

The idea behind franchises is to help legitimize esports and make gambling a viable career option with standard salaries of 15,000-20,000 per month.

While most franchise owners are still anonymous, IGL has revealed a Bollywood star who is keen to acquire a franchise. “We have a bunch of celebrities and influential investors who are going to be buying / owning teams, one owner we have officially announced is Sanjay Kapoor (younger brother of producer Boney Kapoor) who is interested in the Chennai FIFA team.” , said Krish Galiani. .

While the top 8 teams will compete against each other in the final league, others can still participate in the various online and offline events to accumulate more “pro points” to advance to an “amateur league” before finally getting a chance. in the best teams.

IGL has also partnered with various gaming cafes across the country for an offline presence and also hosts weekly and monthly FIFA events in Mumbai.

What IGL brings to India is more than just an online platform for regular tournaments and rankings, it gives us a good separation of players and organizers, giving both enough room to focus. only on their work.

The online amateur league should also help give small teams across the country plenty of experience with regular competitions in the country.

Esports has certainly seen its ups and downs in India with a few high profile events that sparked controversy over unpaid cash prizes, poor organization and “scams”.

So when you look at IGL and its two young founders, it might seem a bit too ambitious. Co-founder Krish Galiani has been part of the Esports scene in the United States with his teams (Smite, Call of Duty, Halo) competing in professional leagues regularly, so he could bring some professionalism to Indian Esports.

For starters, IGL of course targeted major games like FIFA, Counter Strike and Dota 2. However, they also included games like League of Legends and Halo as well as mobile games like Fun Run2, 8 Ball Pool and Angry Birds for expand the scope beyond the big three.

IGL has already started its online events and hopes to grow steadily over the next few months with franchise announcements slated for May. They are definitely here for the long haul with the sole purpose of finally putting Esports in India on the right track.

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