Bad credit payday loans direct lenders -Get a direct payday loan with bad credit

A bad credit score doesn’t have to keep you from getting a direct payday loan

The rules for obtaining a direct payday loan online, even for those who have bad credit are basically the same as for any other loan. First of all, you must be creditworthy. If you do not have one and you have urgent cash, you can take out a community loan. To do this, you log in to the website of the bank that grants such a loan. You specify the amount you want to borrow. With the Investor who will give it to us, we can also determine its interest rate and the number of installments.

Social loans usually have lower interest rates than at banks and investors do not require creditworthiness certificates. It is only important to schedule payments in installments.

7 banks that can grant credit only by phone or via the Internet

7 banks that can grant credit only by phone or via the Internet

Currently, there are at least 7 banks on the market that can grant credit only by phone or via the Internet. A telephone loan can be obtained at Meteor Bank and mYBank.

Meteor offers cash loans, revolving overdrafts and credit cards based on a framework agreement. mYBank lends money to customers who do not even have a framework agreement. It is enough that the consumer receives an individually prepared credit proposal in the online banking system, the so-called An offer for you that is updated every few weeks based on your bill history. The account user can call the bank for money at any time, and he undertakes to make the funds available as soon as possible.

Over the Internet you can take a loan from Millenial Bank, Bank Zacke, SDR and Peripfa Bank. You must log into the online banking system and use the bank’s individual offer or submit an appropriate application. Then you have to wait for the loan decision. If the decision is positive and the customer accepts the terms of the loan, it remains to approve the contract in the same way as online transfers.

Loan via the Internet or telephone

Loan via the Internet or telephone

However, when taking a loan via the Internet or telephone, we are not released from the obligation to present documents confirming income. In this respect, the process of granting a loan is not faster, and it happens that it extends significantly. You will need to provide documents in person or by post.

At SQG, Mero Bank, SCAER Bank or WB Bank, you can get a loan remotely by contacting the bank by mail. We apply for a loan via the Internet or by phone, the necessary documents are picked up from us by courier and the contract is ready for signature.

Sending postal documents is required by Medropo bank Bank, while Powerty Bank requires sending back a contract signed by the client.