Best Adjustable Gaming Desks – Optimizing Your Gaming Setup

How to choose your gaming desk?

By reading our selection above, you will have noticed it quite easily: there is not a single brand that dominates the market for gaming consoles. And that’s good, since the more competition there is, the more brands will do everything to offer the best product to players.

Nevertheless, some of these brands are already on the way to becoming the best of all and this is for example the case of Arozzi with, among others, their office Arena. It’s one of the best gaming desks on the market, despite its simplicity, so it doesn’t overdo it and masters its subject.

Of course, a complete gaming setup cannot be possible without a proper gaming chair. Check out our guide to the best gaming chairs here for ideas that might work for your setup.

How much does a gaming desk cost?

Typically, the price of a gaming desk ranges from $100 to several hundred dollars, rarely exceeding $600. There are obviously several elements that go into the final cost, such as the materials used (plastic will always be cheaper than solid wood), the care taken in manufacturing and therefore the durability of the desk, but also the various accessories that we were talking about above.

If we take for example the case of a wooden desk, with steel legs, integrated mouse pad, headphone and cup holder, complete cable management system and finally the possibility of modifying its height with a small control panel, then its price will inevitably tickle the $500. On the contrary, a simple desk without special accessories, with just a table top, two legs and a mouse pad can cost around 150-200 dollars.

What to look for when choosing an adjustable gaming desk?

Dimensions and height adjustment

The dimensions of your future gaming desk will have to be adapted according to what you are going to do with it. If you plan to only play, with a keyboard and a mouse on the desk and a screen, it does not matter if you take a rather narrow one or a large one. If you’re going for a narrow gaming desk, you might want to consider mounting your monitors on the wall behind it to save desk space. If you are interested, you can check out our best monitor wall mount guide on how to do it.

But from the moment you want to go a little further, it will get complicated with a one meter wide desk for example. Take the example of a PC and Nintendo Switch gamer who is also a streamer. He will need space for two screens, his Nintendo Switch, his keyboard and his mouse but also to put a microphone, a streamdeck if necessary, an Elgato or Avermedia to capture the console, headphones to listen to the game etc. Anyway, we think you got it: if you plan to do more than just play, aim for a bigger desk. When it comes to depth, most gaming desks are designed to be a good distance from your screens.

Height will play a different role. If you are rather tall, with a large chest, you will probably have to mount the desk in such a way as to avoid back injuries while playing. If you work all day at your desk, it can also be very interesting to bet on a desk that can go up high enough to be directly upright. Working in this position for a little while every day can be extremely beneficial for your back and legs.

Materials, design, quality

The materials are often very similar on these types of gaming desks which can be strained by the accumulation of peripherals and the weight of a focused gamer relying on the mouse and keyboard. As a general rule, the top is made of composite wood and the structure of steel or aluminum. All these desks are designed to last over time, all you have to do is choose the one you like the most.

Be careful, however, not to focus your attention on a desk with a little too much plastic. This material, although lightweight and inexpensive, tends to break very easily.


If you’re a PC gamer looking for the right gaming desk, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up the best adjustable gaming desks on the market that are sure to be perfect for your setup and type of gaming. Whether you want something simple or elegant, these 5 options should have everything you need to up your game with comfort and ease!

FAQ: The best adjustable gaming desks in 2022

What’s the best gaming desk for a small setup?

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is the best option for gamers with a small setup. It has a small footprint and comes with an integrated cable management system.

What is the best gaming desk for a large setup?

The Arozzi Arena gaming desk is the best option for gamers with a large setup. It is one of the largest gaming desks on the market and its spacious surface is large enough to accommodate multiple monitors.

How to do cable management?

If you want to do proper cable management, you must first go to a desk that offers openings for cables, allowing you to route them inside the office. Then you can optimize everything with velcro cable ties: Bundle your cables and tie them.

You also have the option of attaching gutters to your desk if needed, which will house the cables and route them out of the desk, where they will be connected. Obviously, we can only advise you to use wireless peripherals: keyboard, mouse, headset, everything exists in high-end version with low latency, take advantage of it.

What accessories to consider when buying an adjustable gaming desk?

Game accessories will be taken into account depending on your game configuration. Above all, it is almost essential to check that your desk has a cable management system: often an opening on the desk, sometimes a system under the desk. In either case, it will allow you to avoid cables lying around everywhere and, believe us, it can make the difference both in terms of comfort and design.

For the rest, it may be interesting to have headphone support if you play a lot with this type of device. On a fairly small desk, a gaming headset can quickly become too bulky. A support allows you both to store it quickly, to protect it but also to highlight it.

Desks with connectors can also make your life easier, since by plugging everything directly into your computer, you will have access to the USB and jack ports on your desk. No more squirming around behind your tower, everything is at your fingertips.

Finally, there are desks with cup holders, for those who always want to have their water bottle close at hand.

A little advice: do not hesitate to get a gaming chair if you have the opportunity. This type of product also relieves your back, among other things, and depending on the model, goes quite well with any type of gaming console on the market.

Is an adjustable gaming desk an essential purchase?

No, a gaming desk is clearly not an essential purchase. If your budget is limited, it may be better to spend your money on computer components and peripherals first. But while dispensable, an adjustable gaming desk can help you game more comfortably with height and depth adjustable systems that keep you away from the screen.