Best GTRacing: Get a full, battle-ready, cost-effective game setup


This is where the fun begins. Peripherals allow you to improve your gaming setup, and GTRacing has plenty of them, including keyboards, mice, headsets, and even floor mats. So let’s take a look at what they have to offer, make some decisions, and finally get something on the desktop.

The keyboard

Let’s start with what some consider the centerpiece of any PC gaming setup, the keyboard. Naturally, it has to be RGB compatible and luckily the entire GTRacing gaming keyboard line takes advantage of those 16.8 million colors. For those of you who want an intense focus on gaming and a utilitarian design, we recommend the ACE 61 with its 60% compact layout in addition to the blue key switches for a clean aesthetic and tactile gaming experience, which could be a sacrilege. to some, but we prefer the click and return of a good blue switch.

Full configuration GT Racing 13

The mouse

eyboard is fine, but without a mouse you’d be hard pressed to accomplish anything, so let’s buy a mouse for your GTRacing battle station setup. For competitive performance on a wide variety of games, we chose the GTRacing Wired Backlit Programmable Gaming Mouse.

Full configuration GT Racing 12 1

The sensor goes up to 7200 DPI which is more than enough for most gaming needs especially for any high octane lens in competitive shooters which is always a must have. The GTRacing Wired Backlit Programmable Gaming Mouse also has two additional buttons on the side of the thumb that can be linked to whatever gaming function you desire. This leaves your remaining hand free to focus on the keyboard. It doesn’t end there as this mouse also features a DPI switch button for on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment and a polling rate of up to 1000Hz so you never miss a click. in the heat of the moment.

For those of you who prefer jerk shooters like CS: GO and Valorant, we recommend the Gaming Gear gaming mouse, which features a more minimal profile and lighter weight to allow you to really whip the mouse from before. back to score that winning headshot.

Mouse pad

You can have the best gaming mouse in the world, even the most competitive skills, but without a mouse pad you’ll glide, slide, and scratch everywhere. To end this gaming nightmare, you need a decent mouse pad under your mouse. We opted for a large desk pad from GTRacing, the GT877-ACE.

Full configuration GT Racing 10

With dimensions of 31.5 “x12”, it will have no trouble accommodating both your mouse and keyboard and trust us when we say keyboards can slip, too, with dire consequences. This is now a thing of the past thanks to the non-slip rubber base and smooth contact surface. The GT877-ACE also comes with programmable RGB lighting surrounding the perimeter, resulting in an incredibly vivid desktop that will serve as the centerpiece of your PC gaming setup. If you prefer a more direct gamer aesthetic, it’s worth noting that GTRacing also offers a wide range of desk pads in different colors, some of which are still available with RGB lighting for that extra oomph.


The importance of audio in games cannot be overstated. You have to hear those footsteps for a competitive edge in multiplayer games like Apex Legends or those deep rumble blasts for enhanced immersion in a single player cinematic tour de force like Far Cry 6. For the best audio experience you need ‘a headset, preferably one with virtual surround sound capability, and the GTRacing Gaming Gear 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Headset ticks all of those boxes.

Full configuration GT Racing 14

It offers fantastic audio fidelity, in-line controls and a noise-canceling microphone. As an added bonus, if you fancy playing a game or two on your console of choice, the headset comes with adapter cables that allow compatibility with PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

The groundsheet

Racing’s GT603-Red covers a 47 x 35 inch section of your floor and is equipped with non-slip material on the underside and a hard, smooth texture on the upper side so your chair glides effortlessly without scoring lines in your floors.

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