Casey Neistat envisions podcast studio, playstation and retail store for booming “368” business

It’s been a whirlwind these past few days for the vlogger Casey neistat, who has just launched his first post-Being me business project, 368 – a daily vlog in which he will also relate the launch of a collaborative creative space. Given his penchant for Tic, however, Neistat found the time to initiate a Q&A flow on the New York-based project to provide insight into how it works.

contrary to YouTube spaces, 368 will not have an open door policy, says Neistat, but will initially serve him and his friends. Ultimately, Neistat sees the three-story office as a We work all sorts. In terms of facilities, Neistat says it plans to build two podcast studios, a screening room, a game streaming station and a museum-slash that would be open to the public. The first step, he says, will be to set up the office and hire a studio manager to oversee 368 so that he doesn’t depend solely on his presence.

Neistat, who single-handedly ran his daily vlogs, says it was difficult to share editing tasks with his partner on 368, the South African filmmaker Dan Macé. (While Mace handles the aesthetics and edits in each vlog, Neistat tends to lead the story). After just a handful of episodes, he says, they’re completely exhausted and still working on finding a healthy pace.

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The advantage of collaborating, however, is knowing that someone else will have had their eyes on your work, Neistat explains, noting that some of his worst videos – like a commentary on the 2016 presidential election – were the result of ‘a feeling of rush. And Neistat wants 368 to have a decidedly different feel to his old vlogs, so he scrapped his old music library – which he describes as somewhat old-school and melancholy – in favor of a soundscape that has ” sharper teeth ”.

During the hour-long stream, Neistat also discussed his take on VR (it’s amazing for games, but less so for other types of content), Fortnite (it’s a temporal void), and his admiration for his daily vlogger colleague David Dobrik. Find out in full above.

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