Christina Aguilera’s gaming skills highlighted in Nintendo Switch ad

Although currently on tour, a new Nintendo Switch commercial shows Christina Aguilera using the handheld game console for fun with her children.

A new Nintendo Switch commercial featuring Christina Aguilera and her family shows the singer’s impressive playing skills. Advertisements are a potent weapon in the continuing console war in the gaming industry between Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo, with well-known celebrities often enlisted in the conflict. While Nintendo teamed up with Christina Aguilera, Xbox recently teamed up with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a fun celebration of the brand’s 20th anniversary.

Recognizable celebrities are used to make video game ads more appealing, as most people trust public figures more than strangers. This fact has led to frequent collaboration between The Rock and Xbox, since the former wrestling superstar has a personal history with Microsoft consoles. the Jumanji and Fast Furious The star has worked with Xbox on many past commercials, and the actor also ran a charity event last year that donated Xbox Series X / S consoles to several children’s hospitals. However, rival PlayStation has also managed to recruit its own team of famous supporters. A PlayStation 5 ad featuring Rick and morty premiered in November 2020, shortly after the launch of the next-gen consoles, with the comedic duo explaining why viewers should buy Sony’s new system.


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A new Nintendo Switch The ad, posted on YouTube, features Christina Aguilera playing with the handheld game console as a way to communicate with her family while on tour. The announcement begins with the American singer, songwriter and actress in her dressing room. Although it is close to a performance, Aguilera is able to use the online features of the Nintendo Switch to play. World of Super Mario 3D with his son. On the way back by car, the artist is seen playing Animal crossing: new horizons, and during game night with their family, the group is seen playing Big Brain Academy: Brain versus Brain.

While Christina Aguilera’s Nintendo Switch ad is a nice look at how the game can bring families together, Nintendo’s ads have been criticized in the past. Many believe that past advertisements on Nintendo Switch were bad for reasons such as misrepresenting how gamers use the handheld console. Many advertisements show players using the Switch in inappropriate places, such as in a restaurant or in the hallway of their own home. While these locations are likely intended to demonstrate the portable nature of the console, the ads therefore appear unnatural. Christina Aguilera’s recent ad looks much more natural in comparison, with her using the portable system in her dressing room and in the backseat of a car.

Video game ads often use celebrities as their spokesperson, and Christina Aguilera remains a staple in American popular culture. While game ads are often cheesy or unnatural, Aguilera’s ad seems utterly believable and is a heartwarming take on life on the road. Playing games with your kids in person is impossible on the go, but thanks to the highlighted portable nature of the Nintendo Switch, Christina Aguilera’s game night can go on even as she performs around the world.

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Source: Nintendo / YouTube

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