Complete your gaming setup with the Vertux brand of gaming accessories

WITH everyone’s life taking a turn due to the pandemic, finding a source of entertainment has not been a high priority for everyone. Thus, the thriving gaming industry has taken off due to consumer demand and interest in games. The rising gaming accessories brand Vertux entered the industry at such a perfect time because since its launch in March 2021, it has captured the interest of consumers and gamers alike.

With their high quality, sleek design, packaging and price tag, there is no doubt that Vertux products sell off the shelves. Their accessibility has been a plus as they are readily available on major channels such as Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, Grab Mart, and Viber.

“We are grateful for Vertux’s strong online presence. In this way, we were able to truly immerse consumers in the great quality and service of Vertux. We are more motivated than ever to bring the best to the table. We still have a lot of surprises for everyone, so better stay tuned! Lea Co, Country Manager of Vertux Philippines, said.

Those who are equally intrigued and don’t yet have a Vertux item may want to check out the brand’s top-selling keyboards first, designed to achieve the highest gaming performance. Vertux Radiance is a high-precision gaming keyboard that stays one step ahead of its enemy with lightning-fast tactical feedback. It has six anti-ghosting keys allowing simultaneous pressing while gaming. Vertux Tactical, on the other hand, is an equally capable mechanical keyboard that offers precision with 100% anti-ghosting keys with rainbow backlighting. stylish rainbow with eight LED effects. From one mechanical keyboard to another, Vertux Vendetta has a sweet surprise as it comes with a mouse, a perfect combo, you can really tell. With its GX rubber dome switches, the anti-ghost keyboard performs command faster, making it easier for players to win every battle. It sports 26 anti-ghosting keys and RGB lighting with nine modes.

Gamers can also react faster than ever with the Vertux line of mice and gain a competitive edge with devices that deliver flawless precision. Vertux Kryptonite has the smoothest and most reliable tracking experience. Its six DPI settings up to 10,000 DPI allow for seamless gear changes, even during the most decisive moments of play. An unassuming alternative is the Vertux Dominator, a wired USB gaming mouse that lets you play at full capacity. It has four moving DPI settings up to 3200 and a 1000Hz polling rate, the fastest for a wired mouse.

You can immerse yourself in your game even more with Vertux’s high-definition noise-isolating headphones from Vertux Malaga and Manila, both of which offer reliable 40-millimeter speakers for the perfect competitive gaming sessions. Vertux Blitz is equally promising with its premium 50mm drivers ensuring that every precise detail is heard with the utmost clarity. Its lightweight on-ear design makes play marathons a breeze. Users can also place their gaming headset on Vertux Extent or Hexarack. Both are an all-in-one headphone stand that can make any gaming table more classy with built-in USB ports and LED lights to play with.

One can stream with other Vertux accessories such as the Micro Streamer-3 which offers remarkable performance of easy tilting with an LED backlight feature which makes it eye-catching for gamers. Vertux Vertucharge-Qi is also the most popular product online. No more messy cables and charging stations with this device as it’s designed to help secure your devices while charging at speeds three times faster. For PS5 users, the Vertux Powerbase-PS5 is a treat. This is a dual docking station charging hub for controllers that allows one on the go.

It’s best to prepare to awaken the gamer inside because Vertux offers a wide range of accessories such as keyboards, mice, headphones, cooling pads, headphone mounts and microphones. To top it off, Vertux has a two-year warranty on all of its products, ensuring customers receive the quality they deserve.

Vertux is available at select retail stores nationwide and in their official stores on Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, and Grab. For the complete Vertux catalog, one can visit its website at or contact Vertux via Viber and its social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram to be aware of updates and promotions. SPONSORED CONTENT

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