Complete your LG 34 inch 34GK950G high resolution IPS curved monitor gaming station

Black Friday is just around the corner, but you can already get some great deals on monitors now.

If you look around, the LG 34 inch GK950G Curved Gaming Monitor has some big price reductions. The monitor features a 21: 9 aspect ratio, which provides an ultra-wide view. Players can immerse themselves in their game without too much distraction. The curved screen also gives clear images from almost any angle.

The LG 34GK950G already has an IPS panel, which is better compared to the twisted nematic and vertical alignment. The downside is that the IPS can be expensive too, which explains the price tag of this monitor.

While the IPS trumps both VA and TN in terms of display quality and viewing angle, gamers still prefer the TN panel. This is because most IPS LEDs do not feature a high refresh rate. However, the LG LG 34GK950G has a refresh rate of 120Hz if you overclock. A 120Hz refresh rate is capable of 120 frames per second, which is enough to keep from tearing up most game titles.

With the IPS screen, however, you’ll see colors like you’ve never seen before. A standard TN panel, for example, will only have a 6-bit color depth (RGB), which limits the color spectrum to 262,144 production potentials. In contrast, the IPS is 8-bit, which can produce 16.7 million hues.

IPS is still compared to the AMOLED panel, but the latter’s display tends to have highly saturated colors.

The LG GK950G is also equipped with NVIDIA G-Sync technology, which is supposed to provide the best gaming experience. If you have GeForce graphics, this is the perfect monitor for you as the display refresh rates are already in sync. This means you avoid screen tearing, input lag, and screen stuttering. Add to that a response time of 1ms or less, and the LG QHD monitor will improve your experience.

The 1440p monitor is designed for high performance gaming. For example, the Black Stabilizer function will automatically adjust very dark scenes. You can immediately spot the enemy trying to ambush you in the shadows. SRGB technology delivers precise colors, so you can enjoy the game the way it should. For example, the monitor covers 98% of the DPI-P3 color spectrum for realistic color accuracy.

The only knock on the LG GK950G is the price. Buying one will usually cost the consumer over a thousand dollars. But before Black Friday, and with a little research, you can get the monitor of your dreams.

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