Creating the perfect gaming setup in 2020

Creating the perfect gaming setup in 2020 is difficult simply because of the number of options available.

Choosing the right desk and chair for your battle station depends on your needs.

Are you a console or PC gamer? Do you want full RGB or a minimalist setup? Are you ok with a big screen or do you want a multi-screen setup?

Build the ultimate gaming desktop

Creating the perfect gaming setup means choosing the right desk or TV stand for your needs.

Desks can be found in a variety of shapes, and you can even make your own with a smart IKEA hack.

Think about how much storage you will need and where you will place your PC tower or consoles. What is the ideal height to sit at your desk

Some accessories that make gaming desks attractive include powered USB ports and built-in headphone hooks.

A corner desk can be a great way to reclaim office space in a busy room. They’re also great for multi-display setups and keep all wires hidden for an ultra-clean look.

Comfortable gaming chairs

No one wants to sit for a long game session in an uncomfortable chair. Comfort for long periods of time should be your number one priority when choosing a gaming chair.

When shopping online, pay special attention to the width and height of the seat.

Some gaming chairs feature adjustable seats to accommodate a wide variety of body types.

Taller players with broad shoulders will want to focus on chairs designed like racing chairs.

These seats are designed to provide comfort for long periods of time, with adjustable armrests and lumbar and neck support.

They also stand the test of time and come with a long warranty.

High definition monitors

Choosing the right gaming screen can be the difference between a correct experience and an immersive experience.

2020 is the year when 4K gaming goes mainstream with the launch of a new generation of consoles.

Choosing a new monitor in 2020 means finding one that supports 4K, at least 120Hz refresh, and preferably HDR 10 support.

These technologies will determine the future of games over the next five years.

Players must perpetuate their battle stations by anticipating the purchase of their game screen.

Some 4K compatible TVs also make great PC monitors for those who like multi-monitor setups.

Game accessories

Choosing the right mouse and keyboard for the perfect gaming setup is also essential.

The type of mouse you prefer will depend on the games you like to play. MMORPG players will benefit from a 12 button mouse, while FPS players will benefit from mice that change DPI.

Mechanical keyboards tend to be preferred over rubber dome keyboards in gaming circles.

However, Logitech made great strides in creating a hybrid mechanical / rubber dome keyboard.

The G series keyboards offer a mechanical feel and a flip at rubber dome keyboard prices.

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