Disney Channel’s Nintendo Switch Family Showdown tests your gaming skills

The Nintendo Switch is a great choice for families looking to play games together, and since the system launched last year, your own family has likely honed their skills on several different titles. Now, Disney Channel is giving you a chance to prove that your family can play with the grown-ups.

The Nintendo Switch Family Showdown is a special competition that will pit families against each other, including at Super Mario Odyssey, Mario tennis Ace, and Just Dance 2018. We’re not sure we’re ready to see moms and dads move, but maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The Nintendo Switch Family Showdown premieres in August on Disney Channel, Disney XD, and the DisneyNow app. To be eligible, your family must submit an original one-minute video explaining why you are the “Ultimate Nintendo Fans”. Although you can take this opportunity to show off your Mario or Zelda collections or demonstrate your skills in Splatoon 2, we suggest that you take the opportunity to plead with Nintendo for the return of Advance Wars, cruelly ignored for several years.

Assuming you want to use your video to win a trip to Los Angeles and be on the show – and not bring back a beloved tactical series – you must submit your video by July 2 at 2:59 am ET. If you are selected to compete, you and up to three family members will come to the show to compete on August 4th. One of you must be between the ages of six and 18 to win, and for a full list of requirements you can check out the Official Rules.

Contestants will be eligible to win additional Nintendo Switch consoles, eShop cards, and controllers, and there will also be a finalist family, who will receive a Nintendo Switch console. If one of the four competing families is unable to attend, the finalist will take their place and keep the console anyway.

We can’t wait to see families go head to head in the Nintendo Switch Family Showdown this summer, and we really I can’t wait for someone’s grandparents to call Link “Zelda”.

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