DUBIT COLLECTS $ 8M FOR ROBLOX ESPORTS EVENTS; – Launches Metaverse Gaming League and Massively Interactive Live Events –

LONDON & WASHINGTON DC – Dubit, the game studio and developer of virtual worlds for twenty years, raised USD $ 8 million to launch the world’s first live esports league in the metaverse, from Roblox. Dubit works with companies such as Disney, Facebook and Lego, and already integrates the brands Roblox.

The round table was led by Metaventures and the French investor Jean-Charles Capelli, valuing Dubit at USD $ 55 million. The company will now expand its existing metaverse business, introducing Metaverse Gaming League (MGL) to become the pioneer of branded esports gaming events and tournaments. Metaventures and Dubit also create consumer lifestyle experiences such as concerts and fashion shows for the Metaverse.

Currently in beta, Metaverse Gaming League regularly hosts events broadcast live in Roblox, the gaming and social media platform with over 200 million monthly users. Events take place in popular games, and unlike professional esports events, MGL gives everyone the opportunity to participate and win prizes, not just elite players. Following its launch on Roblox, it will expand to other leading metaverse game platforms, such as Minecraft and Core.

Announcing the increase, Dubit co-founder, Matthew Warneford, commented :

“We are delighted to work with Jean-Charles Capelli to open up new avenues through which brands can enter the metaverse, such as through our Metaverse Gaming League. The investment will also allow us to create massively interactive live music and fashion events that brands can partner with. It’s an exciting time for Dubit, putting all of our experience and expertise to work for the metaverse. “

Metaventures’ Jean-Charles Capelli added:

“Dubit is in the perfect position to take advantage of new opportunities in the Metaverse. No other company has 20 years of experience developing and launching virtual worlds, combined with a large network of brands and organizations they work with around the world. entrepreneur and musician, I am proud to invest in Dubit, and I am delighted to help expand the incredible experiences it creates for users of Roblox and other metaverse. “

Dubit was founded in 1999 by a group of teenagers who created the first Flash virtual world for young people. Now a global team of over 100 people, Dubit creates games and experiences for brands around the world, and has built a world class Roblox team, experience in creating games with billions of coins.

In addition to making games for brands, Dubit also partners with many of the best Roblox games to introduce branded content for their millions of monthly gamers. Dubit’s partner game network already has hundreds of millions of monthly players. In 2022, Dubit will further expand its presence in the United States by opening a studio in New York City.

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About Dubit

Dubit was founded by a group of teenagers in 1999. Starting the company at just 13 and 14, they became the youngest directors of all time, featured in the Guinness Book of Records, and launched their first world. virtual in 1999.

Dubit now has 100 employees on three continents. With offices in the UK, United States and Australia, Dubit works closely with brands around the world such as Facebook (Meta), Disney, and Mattel – over the past two years, the launch of several brands in Roblox.