eSports: Indian Gaming League seeks to take off in the country

Esports has added to the list of sports to have a major professional league in India, as the Indian Gaming League appears to be the latest addition to the pantheon of emerging franchise leagues in the country.

While electronic sports or “electronic sports”, another name for professional games, all over the world and especially in markets like the United States, Korea and Japan, they have a solid infrastructure with a Proven financial model, the Indian market has not yet reached the required maturity. standards. But now, the introduction of the Indian Gaming League could change all that.

In the first two weeks of its introduction, the IGL has received up to 1,000 competitive entries and is looking to increase that number. The league founded by cousins ​​Yash Pariani, 23, and Krish Galani, 20, will be played both offline and online and the latter will be based on the lines of the Indian Premier League model where there will be six city-based franchises (eg, Counterstrike Delhi or FIFA Mumbai) for each game featured in the IGL.

The list of games currently being played in the IGL is FIFA, CounterStrike, Halo, League of Legends, Battlefield, Call of Duty and Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2. The league is looking to expand its roster of games as they go. of its expansion.

The league is also sponsored by Major League Gaming, which has around 20 million fans across its network. Its other sponsors are Sony Playstation, which is the league’s hardware sponsor, Red Bull, the official drinks partner, and Paytm, the league’s currency sponsor.

Yash says the gaming industry in India is currently worth between $ 500 million and $ 600 million and that number could increase as the league grows. He says their goal is to create a sustainable eSports industry where more and more people can embrace competitive gaming as a profession. For example, he says players in each IGL franchise will be paid between 15,000 and 20,000 per month by their respective franchise owners. He hopes this will allow the IGL to “create a relationship of trust with the players”.

Actor Sanjay Kapoor, who acquired the FIFA Chennai franchise, claims to be a gamer himself and believes the gaming industry is going to grow significantly. He said, “Today online gaming has grown to a huge extent and is sure to expand in Tier I and II cities,” adding that he would look forward to how the league performed before deciding to continue. his involvement in the league. .

Businesses and start-ups are some of the groups that have shown interest in taking a stake in the teams as the online phase of the tournament progresses. Online registrations for qualifications are between 200 and 500? each and part of it will be part of the overall prize pool while the other part will be invested in the final stages of the leagues with franchises competing against each other.

The winners of the qualifying phases will act as free agents and will be chosen and auctioned by the franchise owners. The finals will be held in Mumbai while Hoppipola bars across India will serve as venues for the initial offline stages.

This is Krish’s second entrepreneurial venture in the game after founding the Fantasy Pro League in the United States, which led the United States’ very first all-female competitive league for Call of Duty.

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