Green Bay Adds Video Game League to List of Recreation Programs as Electronic Sports Gains Local Interest

GREEN BAY, Wis. (NBC 26) – Some sports work out the legs, arms and core.

For others, it’s all about the inches.

“I have children [and] I know they play a lot of video games, ”said Jeremy Crees, City of Green Bay Recreation Supervisor. “I know it’s a popular sport. It’s really growing. “

And Green Bay Parks and Recreation kicks off this spring.

Locals can register to compete against other members of the online community in games like “Fortnite” and “Super Smash Brothers”. It is safe and social.

“It’s a great opportunity to continue to interact with other people,” Crees said. “It’s obviously not in person, so you have the opportunity to still compete with people.”

Forrest Pelky hosts their own video game tournaments at the Edge VR Arcade & Gamers Lounge in Green Bay.

“The [in esports] the interest is already there, ”Pelky said. “It’s just that the City of Green Bay is going to bring it to so many more people who maybe didn’t know it. “

Pelky says many residents of northeastern Wisconsin are interested in esports. And a league like the one Green Bay is bringing in gives people a platform to play.

“There are so many social opportunities, especially in esports,” Pelky said. “You get to know so many like-minded people.”

But the avid gamer thinks the game sometimes gets a bad rap, and some don’t see it as a sport.

“They’ve known someone or heard something that portrays a negative image when there is so much positive about it,” Pelky said.

Whether you play softball or video games, it’s the same with Pelky.

“The grown ups entertain the average person,” he said. “So video games are definitely a sport because that’s exactly what is happening.”