Indian Gaming League (IGL) to host Call-Of-Duty Mobile Women’s Cup tournament November 28-30, 2020

India, November 2020: Indian Gaming League (IGL), the fastest growing Esports platform is proud to announce the Call-Of-Duty Mobile Women’s Cup from Saturday 28e-30e November 2020 at 6 pm. The tournament is a girls-only event to encourage girls’ participation in competitive e-sports. The top 8 female Call of Duty Mobile players are invited, including players like KashPlays.

The tournament is a private tournament and players are only given a tournament code once verified by the administrators. The tournament prize pool is Rs 5,000 with the winning player winning Rs. 2,500. All matches will be broadcast live on IGL’s Youtube channel: IGL-Indian Gaming League starting Saturday at 6:00 p.m. Highlights will be available on IGLTV and on IGL’s Instagram account @iglnetwork. Participants can register on the official IGL website –

Yash Pariani, CEO, Indian Gaming League (IGL) adds that “There is a strong need to provide equal opportunities for the female segment to get into esports. Usually the esports industry is heavily dominated by male players, but regular female tournaments will help level the bar. With this thought in mind, we have come up with this COD Mobile Women’s Cup tournament.

About the Indian Gaming League (IGL):

IGL was created by a team of players who believe that Indian players need a platform to start their playing careers. They want to make it easier for people to play not only for fun, but also to turn their passion into a profession. Participating in IGL will not only give amateur and professional players the opportunity to win through the game, but high level players will also have the opportunity to compete against other professionals at the national level! If you want to improve your life and build a career playing your favorite games, IGL is here for you. Keep an eye on daily updated tournaments.

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