Jungkook’s ‘Overwatch’ gaming skills amazed fans and pro gamers

Jungkook, the youngest of world famous boy band BTS, just showed off a new skill, and fans are going crazy – once again! His name has exploded again on social media after revealing his gaming skills this week.

On October 30, Jungkook downloaded a clip of how he plays the popular game “Overwatch,” and it has been loved by over a million fans and retweeted over 320,000 times. Fans have also left comments and, as usual, expressed their admiration for his seemingly good playing talent.

The opinion of professional players

While Jungkook fans expect this kind of positive feedback for their favorite idol singer, it turned out that even professional players approved of the BTS member’s skills. It is indeed a good player that the pros really surprised.

For example, David Pei, the head coach of Gladiators, a professional “Overwatch” team, praised Jungkook after seeing how he played. At Twitter, Pei wrote: “He’s kinda crazy actually.” this comment has just verified that the BTS golden maknae is indeed gifted in the game even in the eyes of pro-gamers.

Cloud9, the US esports organization, also agreed that Jungkook had learned some serious “Overwatch” gaming skills. He simply has wrote “nice” in the comments section under JK’s post, and that’s enough to show that they also recognize the talent of the Kpop artist.

Will Jungkook get a deal for esports?

Now Jungkook is known to have the power to sell anything, and with his latest video game showcase, there is a possibility that game companies are reaching out to him for a partnership. Maybe they’ll also invite him for a demo match, and fans of both worlds (Kpop and gaming) surely won’t be able to handle it.

Either way, Jungkook will probably have less time to play “Overwatch” since BTS may be in the process of preparing their new album. They just finished their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” world tour last weekend, so they should be back in the recording studio. Collaborations with foreign artists are also being considered as many have expressed interest in sharing the stage with the most popular boy band in the world today.

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