LG brings dream game setup for racing gamers to Forza event

Racing game fans have waited a long time, but Forza Horizon 5 finally came out on November 9. To celebrate this momentous occasion and show how eager gamers around the world are to see this highly anticipated title, Microsoft has teamed up with LG Electronics to host an innovative event.

LG brought the right OLED toys

For racing fans, the Forza Horizon 5 event was an exciting two-day trip. Taking place at Dunsfold Airfield in Surrey, England on November 6-7, 2021, it presented several challenges with new cars and environments from Mexico. “Drift Lab” was the perfect place for those who wanted to improve their driving skills. Challenging courses were explicitly designed for drift racers making them experts in this field and can help you perfect your virtual racing game. Prizes awaited those who would dare to push it all – not only will they earn bragging rights, but also some pretty awesome rewards like cars or other prizes.

Image: LG Electronics

The intense bespoke driving module located on one of the airfield’s runways, the ‘LG Dream Gaming Setup’, brought the excitement of Forza Horizon 5’s open world racing to life in a true outdoor setting. . Three large OLED displays surround the pilots and provide an immersive 4D experience as they navigate these virtual worlds themselves.

Image: LG Electronics

The use of virtual reality systems is no longer necessary when you can enjoy a fully immersive experience with realistic sounds and smells in real time. With the new LG OLED TV, we’ve taken the immersion even further by adding pre-recorded environmental effects such as rain or thunderstorms that will accompany every run. At the same time, our screen refreshes to 60Hz, so there is no delay between commands from your controller. For those who just want to sit back, relax and watch their favorite show without having any responsibility, virtual reality experiences are also becoming more and more popular. Yet nothing beats the opportunity to interact personally.

Image: LG Electronics

The “Dream Gaming Setup” OLED for gamers to try

Forza Horizon fans had the unique opportunity to participate in an exclusive event and play the highly anticipated game Forza Horizon 5 ahead of its release. The high-octane rally showed why LG OLED is so popular among serious gamers around the world, with stunning picture quality that only improves when you watch reruns on Twitch or YouTube, for a while. fast response for smooth gameplay even during intense moments when things seem impossible; low input lag, which means players won’t experience any lag reaction.

Image: LG Electronics

Plus, during this year’s “Forzathon Birthday Bash”, Xbox One users had another chance to get their hands on a final release before launch day by taking on others. When looking for a TV that can handle all of today’s top games, there aren’t many better options than LG OLED. With self-illuminating pixels and large displays to provide endless contrast with vivid colors on an impressive scale, this display will be a hit with any gamer.

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It is not enough to buy the latest consoles or PC hardware. You still need a display that supports the latest visual features and innovation as well. LG’s displays that feature OLED panels are a good example. Of course, there are more specs to enjoy, but OLED is truly unique to products made by LG – and a combination of front and side screens never either. Why not? LG did indeed have a nice ‘Dream Gaming Setup’ going on here.

YouTube: Forza Horizon 5 – Official Launch Trailer

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Source: LG press release

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