MrBeast Confirms Beast Gaming League of Legends Team ‘Is Happening’

Just days after tweeting how he eventually wants to own his own League of Legends team, massive content creator Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has revealed he may already have something in the works.

During a recent 24-hour feed where he was signing products for fans, MrBeast answered the cat’s questions, including one asking if he was still going with the plan to own a League team, to which he immediately said yes.

“Oh yeah, not even thinking, it’s happening,” MrBeast said. “Just give me a little time. We have so much going on with this channel, the secondary channel and all the other companies… so certainly not this season or the Summer Split either. But we’re definitely gonna have a Beast Gaming League of Legends team — 100 percent.

It’s a big step up from his previous comments, but he probably just didn’t want to have an entire Twitter thread dedicated to trying to explain his plans as he was also vague about details on camera.

“I absolutely want [a League team], “he said.” I don’t want to say too much about what I planned… I spend so much time watching, so I was just like ‘I might as well watch one of my teams.’ ”

Since his first post, industry voices ranging from TSM to Fnatic CEO Sam Matthews have reached out and expressed interest in collaborating with the creator who has amassed nearly 46 million subscribers on his YouTube channel alone. main.

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