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New Castle Recreation is dipping its toes into the rapidly expanding world of competitive video games with a summer program focused on popular sports games, the recreation department director said.

“There are many benefits that come with camaraderie and community building,” said Hannah Bihr, Director of Recreation for New Castle. “But there is also a strategic component in video games. ”

Known collectively as Electronic Sports, or Esports, the competitive video game industry has exploded in recent years. Business Insider announced in December that industry profits are expected to exceed $ 1 billion in 2020.

Bihr said growing nationwide interest was a factor in starting the program, but eventually his team decided to go ahead with the initiative because people can participate at home – an argument key sales during the pandemic.

“It was us who were thinking outside the box on how to engage the community in these difficult times,” she explained.

The program will be facilitated by the Mission Control application, which participants must download from and register with New Castle Recreation to play. The registration fee is $ 10 per person.

“Mission Control is an app used by schools, recreation centers and other entities across the country to help organize these gaming events,” Bihr explained.

New Castle Recreation invested $ 600 in its Esports program, which was mainly used for mission control fees, she said.

To participate, people will need their own game console or PC, an internet connection, and access to one of the hosted games. Bihr said attendees can play on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, or PC.

Six evenings of the week, excluding Sunday, New Castle Recreation will host a single game and participants playing on the same console will be paired up in a “non-competitive and user-friendly gaming environment,” she said.

Leagues will be made up of players interested in the same game with the same consoles.

Championship prizes have not yet been determined, but will be awarded to the best player in each league in mid-July.

The registration deadline is today, but Bihr said interested parties who missed the deadline could contact New Castle Recreation at 970-984-3352 to check if slots are available.

New Castle Esports games should include:

Madden 20




Rocket league

Mario kart

Rocket League players will be able to compete against each other on all platforms, as the game’s servers support cross-play.

Initially, participants will only play against each other, but Bihr said she hopes the program will expand enough that teams from New Castle Recreation can challenge teams from other recreation departments in the to come up.

“We really feel like this is something that is coming,” said Bihr. “And, we would like to explore it in the future.”

Visit for more information and a full Esports schedule.

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