Panasonic JZ2000 OLED benefits from AI enhancements and enhanced gaming skills

Panasonic has removed the covers for its OLED challenger for 2021, and it is offering a number of improvements that should make this latest flagship more appealing to a wider audience.

CES is almost here and TV makers are revealing what we can expect from flagship sets in 2021. Panasonic – winner of our best TV award for 2020 with the HZ2000 – has unveiled its successor in the JZ2000. If you thought last year’s OLED was already well-packed with features, Panasonic has upped the stakes.

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The JZ2000 (called IZ2000 seems to have been ignored) will be available in sizes 55 and 65 inches. No pricing has been confirmed so far, but from what we’ve been told we can expect prices similar to the HZ range.

For performance, Panasonic aims to improve what was already a great foundation with the new HCX Pro AI processor. As the name suggests, Panasonic has joined the ranks of manufacturers who have added AI-based skills to their picture / sound quality. The AI ​​processor is able to identify the type of content you are watching (movie, sports, music, news, etc.) and automatically optimize the picture and sound without the viewer having to adjust the settings.

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The next improvements to be made are the gaming performance of the JZ2000. A common note about the brand’s OLEDs is that they were never specifically configured for gaming. Well, Game Mode Extreme is their response, with support for HDMI 2.1 features in VRR and HFR, low latency performance that rivals the best TVs available, and a dedicated picture mode for gaming. We are waiting for a word from Panasonic if the JZ2000 will support the HGiG HDR game which has been featured on the Samsung and LG bundles.

We felt that Panasonic offered some of the best audio experiences on TVs, starting with the GZ2000’s ascending speakers. The JZ2000 will continue this aspect of spacious Atmos sound with the addition of side speakers. Panasonic claims that its 360 ° Soundscape Pro system will be truly capable of delivering a Dolby Atmos experience “with a spatial soundstage and powerful bass”. Matched with Technics’ expertise, the goal is to give viewers an even better sense of immersion with the content they are watching.

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This is all in addition to the features we’ve come to expect from Panasonic’s flagship OLED. The Master HDR OLED Professional panel is back, showcasing its high levels of maximum and average brightness with HDR content. Stefan Sonnenfeld, one of Hollywood’s most renowned colourists (whose recent work includes Wonder Woman 1984), collaborated again to help refine the color profile of the flagship OLED.

HDR support includes Dolby Vision (IQ), HDR10, HLG, HLG Photo and HDR10 +, with Panasonic welcoming a new format into the HDR10 + Adaptive fold. Announced by Samsung a few weeks ago, HDR10 + Adaptive will do for HDR10 + what IQ does for Dolby Vision content, dynamically matching HDR performance to the brightness levels of any room without reducing detail or contrast.

My home screen is now in its 6.0 edition, making usability improvements its main focus. The my Scenery feature offers a selection of relaxing images and videos. The interface has been improved for faster access to settings. There is a dual Bluetooth connection, so two headphones can be connected to the TV for private listening. The JZ2000 also has built-in “major” voice assistants, should you feel like talking to it.

Will we see Disney + and Apple TV added to the SVOD apps list? Panasonic is rather shy about this. And the specification is still evolving, so features will be confirmed in the coming months. Panasonic has set up its booth for its 2021 flagship OLED, and it looks pretty impressive.

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