Shroud Gaming Setup: Shroud’s new gaming PC has an AMD Zen 3 5950X AND an RTX 3090 ?!

Shroud’s Gaming Setup: In terms of getting the absolute best gaming performance, Shroud’s name probably appears more than once. Being a former CS: GO pro means that he has always played with the best possible quality.

So how much does it cost?

With its latest PC version, only the combined CPU and GPU is more expensive for most versions of the gaming population. The Zen 3 5950X, with its stunning 16 cores, costs $ 800.

The RTX 3090 costs $ 1,500! Just the combined value of CPU and GPU could give you a top-of-the-line gaming PC! This level of hardware coupled with its Gigabit Ethernet connection makes its setup a gaming fanatic’s paradise.

Not to mention, this is Shroud’s second RTX 3090. He therefore owns graphics cards for $ 3,000 as well as a few RTX Titans that he has collected from the dust in his attic …

However, as if that wasn’t enough, due to the sheer 1TB M.2 SSD space this PC version has, he plans to make this PC his streaming platform. He also said he would likely buy another platform for games with more storage space on board and make it his gaming rig.

So if that happened, he would only have $ 4,500 worth of 30-series graphics cards in his possession. Being one of the most popular gamers on the planet has its perks! This is one of the side effects of having over 20,000 people watching you download your game for your new PC platform.

What does this level of hardware translate into gaming performance?

Unfortunately, Shroud’s FPS overlay wasn’t working properly for some reason at the time. However, we have references from different gaming platforms that have the same specifications. Here is the performance, in terms of average FPS, of the 3090 with the 5950X at 1080p, 1440p and 4K resolutions:

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2: 1080p: 163 fps; 1440p: 146 images per second; 4K: 101 fps.
  2. Battlefield V: 1080p: 200 images per second; 1440p: 188 fps; 4K: 115 frames per second.
  3. CS: GO: 1080p: 751 images per second; 1440p: 566 fps; 4K: 402 fps.
  4. Rainbow Six Siege: 1080p: 498 fps; 1440p: 368 fps; 4K: 205 fps.

Check out this video from Jarrod’s Tech, who posted a full review of the 5950X versus its 12 base siblings, the 5900X by clicking here!

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