Our days are filled with housework, work-work and keeping one or more little humans happy and alive. We wouldn’t trade it for the world, but sometimes dads need a break.

This year, The Dad is teaming up with Planters to bring you the very first The league of dads–A season of great games, delicious snacks, and comfortably low stakes! Each month we will be hosting a fan favorite game tournament hosted and live streamed by The Dad. register today!


We’ve got over $ 5,000 in prizes, but the giveaways aren’t just for sweaty trials. We are parents. We just want everyone to do their best and have a good time. We’ll be randomly giving away cash, cool loot, and Planters snacks to people who sign up, not just elite players. Getting eliminated first in a particularly embarrassing way? You get a prize!

Most exciting of all? We have teamed up with Planters to create the very first official esport jersey from The Dad Gaming. All event winners will get these bad boys. And we give them to 25 people at random just to register!

Games and snacks go hand in hand like this video game plumber who dresses in red and his brother who dresses in green. So we’re going to drop tons of epic Planters loot boxes. And during the game we will send a few back Pop-and-Pours Planters, designed for gamers. These aerodynamic containers allow you to grab a delicious bite of Planters snacks while keeping your hands and controller free of salt and oil!

Joel gaming with pop n for

(Rules and restrictions apply. See for details.)


You can participate in as many events as you want. After register, each month, we will send you details on how to join each event.


  • August 21 – Fortnite
  • September 18 – Mario Kart
  • October 9 – Rocket League
  • November 13 – Apex Legends
  • December 11 – Super Smash Bros
  • Week of December 28 – Holiday Bonus Tournament TBD



Interested in the game, but worried about looking like some kind of noob? Do not be afraid ! We have what you need. Each month we’ll be posting an article from The Dad Gaming Bootcamp outlining strategies and terms you need to know about each game, so you have plenty of time to get up to speed. The Dad Gaming League is designed to make all dads progress together!

Nothing better than sharing the controller and great snacks with the kids.

So pull up a gaming chair, turn down the lights, bust it out Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts – maybe some Cheez balls for your little teammate, and get ready to play!


Fill in the form and join the team!

You can also join us for go out and talk about gambling, parenting and gambling while being a parent in our Facebook group. Or follow us for game content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Where Tic.

Pick up the sticks, take a Pop and pour, and we’ll see you there.

This article and The league of dads are sponsored by Planters. Enjoy delicious snacks without messing up your controller with Planters Pop and Pour!

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