Test your gaming skills at Alienware’s PAX Australia booth this weekend

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Alienware has a massive booth ready for PAX Australia 2018, which will be held in Melbourne from October 26-28. Professional players like Drew “Midbeast” Timbs and Team Liquid’s Renegades Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, will be on site at various times to do live question-and-answer sessions and to test their skills.

Visitors to the Alienware booth will be able to play against competitive players, like Midbeast, to test if they have what it takes to be a professional player in the Alienware Academy. Participants will be able to participate in three challenges of one to two minutes to test their position against a pro. The first challenge, Mouse Skills, allows participants to compare themselves to Midbeast. Like a League of Legends pro, he spent years perfecting his aim, accuracy and speed – now it’s your turn to test that. Using Alienware equipment, the Mouse Skill Challenge is an essential benchmark for professional gamers. In esports, the mouse is your tool. If you can’t wield it, you can’t hang on, at least for PC games.

The second challenge is agility and hand-eye coordination. Using Fitlight, an athlete’s speed trainer, participants will have their physical reaction time measured against a professional player, including hand-eye coordination, as they attempt to turn off the sensors. Results are delivered in real time using the program, which is more like an active arcade game than a measuring tool.

The third challenge is eye tracking, using Alienware’s tobii software. You may remember tobii from his early days in ELEAGUE esport. The software tracks eye movements, and during the broadcast, viewers were able to see where professional gamers were focusing their views. This challenge is a shooting and aiming exercise organized within a community Counter-Strike: Global Offensive card that tracks headshot percentage as well as eye tracking. It is a powerful tool that can improve gameplay. Knowing if your eyes are functioning optimally is not something easy to follow.

Once participants have tested their skills, they can head to the Alienware Gaming Zone to play more with pros, like CS: GO Order of Melbourne or Renegades. Five-on-five matches with professional players will take place throughout the weekend and will last an hour at the Alienware Gaming Arena at scheduled times.

If you can’t hang out with the pros, play with your parents instead. Alienware’s Dell Gaming District has a specially designed area for parents and children Rocket league matches. These sessions will run throughout the weekend, with participants “selected from the crowd,” according to Alienware.

Of course, there are prizes to play at the Alienware booth. CS: GO winners of the five-on-five champions challenge with a prize, as well as Rocket league players too. From the training center to the performances, the winners of the daily leaderboard will receive a freebie. Giveaways include bright hoodies, hats, socks, cell phone rings, and limited edition 2019 coins.

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