The world’s first video game league to transform the Crocker Park theater into a Minecraft gaming arena

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Super League Gaming of California, the world’s premier recreational video game league, will transform the Regal Theaters in Crocker Park into a giant interactive Minecraft gaming arena like the one pictured above. The event is part of a national tour of 25 cities.

(Super League Gaming)

WESTLAKE, Ohio – World’s First Video Game League To Turn Regal Theaters In Crocker Park Into An Interactive Giant Minecraft Monday game arena.

For $ 20, kids ages 7 to 14 can bring their own computers to the theater. They’ll walk a red carpet from 3:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday before heading inside, where they’ll log into the servers and play in first-person view on their computers, while a third-party aerial view of the Minecraft world. and players is projected. on the big cinema screen.

Minecraft, one of the world’s most downloaded computer games, allows players to use their imaginations to create anything they can conjure up in a 3D world.

Super Gaming League of California, the world’s premier recreational video game league, has partnered with the country’s three largest theater chains – Regal Entertainment Group, AMC, Cinemark Theaters – and luxury chain iPick Theaters for a 25-city nationwide tour .

President and COO Brett Morris said the Super League chose the Cleveland area for its home environment.

“Video games are generally a lonely environment where one kid plays alone at home. Now we have a social atmosphere where kids come to play and make new friends,” Morris said. “And parents can come to the theater for free and watch their kids play and make new friends. It’s not just an event for players, it’s an event for families.”

Westlake and Cincinnati are Ohio’s only stops on the 80-theater national tour. The Super League plans to add more games in the coming months.

“It’s exciting that Super League Gaming has chosen the Regal Cinema in Crocker Park for this fun and interactive event,” said Lisa Schwan, spokesperson for Crocker Park owner Stark Enterprises. “We hope all participants enjoy this memorable experience.”

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