TikToker reveals incredible retro gaming setup

A TikToker features a homemade retro gaming chest setup that includes gaming hardware that spans many generations of consoles.

retro tiktok game setup

While many gamers dive into the new generation of consoles, at least when they are able to find PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series hardware, there are still those who are happy to embrace the past. Retro gaming, although it is an increasingly expensive pastime with each passing year, still has a dedicated audience. Many gamers are always ready to plug in vintage gear to relive previous generations of games and explore trends of the time.

One of those retro enthusiasts is TikToker charlietheadventurevan who took the time to show off his incredible gaming setup. The video starts off quite interestingly, teasing the contents of a wooden box placed in the center of a living room. Accompanied by the text “when people ask what else we built besides the van …”, the voice behind charlietheadventurevan explains that “everyone has this thing inside their house that everyone finds so cool “and this setup is for them.

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When the lid is opened, viewers are treated to gaming pleasure as the box contains an assortment of gaming hardware spanning over seven generations of consoles, from the original Nintendo entertainment system to the Nintendo Switch. The box contains five different consoles, the majority of which are Nintendo products. Viewers will be able to identify the aforementioned NES alongside a Nintendo 64, GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo Switch, all in the box alongside the respective controllers for each machine. The game safe also has its own television with a video switch to switch between consoles. Click here to watch the video.

retro tiktok game

Notably absent from the collection is any hardware from the fourth generation console which includes the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive for Europeans). The intruder in the group is certainly the white PlayStation 2 which sits between the Nintendo Switch and the GameCube. It’s the only non-Nintendo hardware hidden in the setup, which sets it apart a bit from the rest of the devices.

While there appears to be more room in the box for additional hardware, it probably won’t be able to handle the newer versions from Sony or Microsoft. One of the notable changes with the recently released material is that the extra horsepower has led to a bigger than usual set. The PlayStation 5 alone is the largest console ever to come out with the Xbox Series X, also featuring a more robust construction. While it might be a wild sight to see either console take up a significant chunk of the game chest, charlietheadventurevan will likely take that spot for the popular Nintendo Switch Pro.

So, for those who fancy going back to the older generations, charlietheadventurevan’s in-house setup could be a nice boost that gamers need. Check out their full video here. With PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles running out of stock, sticking to retro gaming for a while might help to wait.

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