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Gaming has become one of the most popular sources of entertainment for young people and has been part of our culture since it entered the industry. Many are curious as to what makes it a more desirable way to spend your time than other forms of entertainment. As technology continues to advance, young people live in an increasingly technological world, which means that entertainment such as games is very attractive to them, so many games are marketed directly to the market. younger population that is raised in such a culture.

It is now statistically proven that video games are the most popular and profitable entertainment and that the rapid growth of the industry has also made it the largest with hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue generated, more than television. , movies and music; now with luck earn money playing games, it’s no surprise that its popularity continues to climb.

Who are the players?

In the UK alone, around 18 million people play games, or around 38% of the population aged 6 to 64. fairly evenly distributed across ages, with over 40% being female players.

The more recent increase in the use of mobile devices could be the reason for the diversification of the audience, as it is no longer limited to game consoles, but is accessible anywhere, anytime; it could also have caused a spike in interest for older players.

What are the Games?

There are countless games, from console games to mobile apps, the possibilities are endless, but there are many games whose popularity among gamers has surpassed others.

Fortnite – released in 2017, Fortnite is quickly becoming one of the most popular games around, with millions of fans discovering the game daily. Players are dropped onto a map, alongside 99 other players, and then must go looking for weapons and items, finding as many as they can until they are the last player standing.

League of Legends – this team game is yet another very popular video game, with the objective of having the misty pincers work in their teams to break down the enemy’s “Nexus” before they break theirs. Each player is assigned an area and faces opponents to take control of their team.

Starcraft II – entering the history of the gaming world and praised for its engaging gameplay, it is very popular with gamers, the idea of ​​the game being to overpower and defeat your opponents, whether as a team or alone, it gets done by distorting their buildings.

Bet on yourself

Many can be confused as to how gambling can make you money as it is just a fun hobby and so here is an explanation to tell you how you can do it. Although you cannot earn money directly by playing, you can bet on yourself when playing particular games and therefore earn money using your skills. On games like Fortnight, Battlegrounds, League of Legends and many other popular choices for gamers, you can bet on your public matchmaking games with odds and challenges based on your skills and the game you choose to play. to play. It is possible for a player to win over $ 100 with a stake of just $ 10 and these bets can be placed on specific websites such as Unikrn which supports many games, both simple and quick.

A common misconception about making money from gambling is that you have to be a professional, but you aren’t. As almost all players can bet on their game, which makes the experience even more exciting and engaging; amplify the excitement of winning.

Go that extra mile for fame

If you are looking for fame and fortune by playing the games you love, you can bet on your games alongside. create your own YouTube channel, which is quickly becoming an important source of income for those who have managed to attract a large number of followers. Using entertaining commentary and good gameplay will get viewers to subscribe to your page. Once you have enough subscribers you can start making money from ads and referrals but I am ordering to do this you need to be a YouTube partner which means you have need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and over 4,000 hours of public viewing in the past year (12 months).

Creating a page that will be both successful and profitable can be a difficult task, taking a lot of time and effort to do and so if you are just looking to make money on the side while you are doing well, bet on your games would be an easier option for you. But, if you’re willing to put in the time, you could be the next big YouTube player.