Twitch Streamer Pokimane Shows Off His Room And Gaming Setup

Pokimane has grown into one of the most successful streamers with a personality and streaming style that attracts a diverse audience. She’s often shared her take on big Twitch controversies like sexualized ASMR, but she also creates lighter content to help her fans relax or just make them laugh. Pokimane’s latest upload to YouTube is a popular room tour video where she shows off her streaming setup, meticulous decorating, and gives everyone a good idea of ​​how much she loves their cat.

Fans won’t be disappointed with Pokimane’s tour as it shows off all of her living space including bedroom, closets, bathroom, and more. She also has a balcony filled with plants and furniture so that she can relax in good weather, although her view of Los Angeles from the balcony is not shown. This is almost certainly for privacy reasons, as most streamers try to keep their addresses secret for their personal safety and to avoid incidents like crushes. In fact, Pokimane is currently in the process of moving to another location, which is why she felt comfortable posting the video of the room tour in the first place.

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Pokimane begins his tour of the room with the configuration of his PC, which will interest most of his fans. It’s actually simpler than you think, with two small monitors, a light board, a keyboard, and a few other things on your desk. She also has a nice mic, gaming chair, and NCXT monster gaming PC. One of Pokimane’s biggest sponsors is HyperX, and she has a custom mouse pad from the company as well as her trusty HyperX headset.

Another area of ​​Pokimane’s gaming-centric living space is his streaming experience. While she doesn’t use most of these things when streaming, there are several themed elements from different video games, including valiant, Among us, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Two Nintendo Switch consoles and a lonely PS5 also sit on a desk, which Pokimane says doesn’t get much use at the moment. Posters on the wall and a fan art book complete its streaming background.

The rest of the YouTube video shows Pokimane’s other living spaces, but what most fans are likely to cling to is the amount of toys and structures especially for her cat, Mimi. The pampered cat has three or four different cat trees to climb, as well as a few expensive plush beds to relax on. Mimi also as a bowl of fountain water. Pokimane’s bedroom is also very clean, and while she probably tidied up specifically for the video, her visit to the bedroom has caused other streamers to parody her cleanliness with streams from their own messy living spaces.

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