Upgrade your gaming setup with Cooler Master

When it comes to upgrading a gaming setup, most of us would immediately think of keyboard, mouse, headphones, monitor, and even mouse pad. Even though all of the aforementioned peripherals play an important role in enhancing your gaming experience, we often overlooked the basics of the basics – table and chair.

How many of you are still using the same old desk and chair even after changing your PC configuration multiple times? In Malaysia, we have this famous plastic banquet table and chair combination, as it is the cheapest configuration one can get, especially for those on a budget. Needless to say, you will be sacrificing a lot in terms of functionality and comfort.

The reason a good desk and chair setup is so important isn’t just for looks. In fact, you are investing in a long-term benefit like ergonomics. Today we’re going to upgrade our gaming setup with the Cooler Master GD160 Desk and Caliber X1C Gaming Chair.

Master Chiller GD160


Stability is one of the most important aspects of a computer desk. While the banquet tables can be folded and easily transported, the overall construction and stability leave a lot to be desired. At some point in your life you would want to settle down with a permanent battle station and that brings us to the Cooler Master GD160. It has an overall steel construction and a support frame for the chipboard table top, capable of supporting up to 100 kg of load.

In our setup, we have a MasterFrame 700 with an AOC AGON 49 superwide monitor. Even though our PC is placed in the corner of the table, we didn’t experience any instability with such an arrangement.

Three adjustable height options are available for different user preferences: 71cm, 75cm and 79cm. Although adjustment can only be done without any load on the table, having three height choices should be able to satisfy the specific needs of some users for their table setup.

Huge workspace

Cooler Master GD160 Caliber X1C 4

From this side, most of the table sizes we know are between 100 cm and 120 cm in length. Don’t even get me started on the width as some tables are as narrow as 45cm. How can you survive with a narrow 45cm table when IKEA LINNMON at 60cm is already giving me claustrophobia. Having a large workspace is a boon, no matter if you use the table for gaming or working. The table top of the Cooler Master GD160 is designed to be a unique polygonal shape that is clearly inspired by its hexagonal logo. So, while the length of the table is 160 cm, the width is between 63 cm and 75 cm.

Cooler Master GD160 Caliber X1C 5

Cooler Master even included a complete mouse pad with the GD160. Yes, you heard that right, it’s a huge mouse pad that covers the entire table, from corner to corner. It should be able to satisfy even the needs of the 400 dpi gang.

Cable management

Cooler Master GD160 Caliber X1C 6

Under the table is a handy little bracket that helps hide all the cables. Say goodbye to all the nasty cable pasta once you’ve tied it down and tucked it away under the cable management bracket.

Cooler Master Caliber X1C

Cooler Master GD160 Caliber X1C 9

The chair we got for the setup is the Cooler Master Caliber X1C. Of course, most gaming chairs on the market are identical to the design inspired by racing bucket seats. What sets the Caliber X1C apart from the rest is the fabric used to wrap the seat cushion.

Cooling technology

Cooler Master GD160 Caliber X1C 8

To be frank with you, I’m not a fan of PU leather as it traps heat and makes me feel uncomfortable even after a short sitting session. In other words, they’re the worst kind of material for a gaming chair other than being aesthetically pleasing and looking “high class”. Not to mention that they tend to disintegrate within a few years.

Cooler Master GD160 Caliber X1C 19

This brings us to fabric as the packing material of the cushion. I wouldn’t mind if it was just a normal cloth wrap, but Cooler Master has done something different with the Caliber X1C. It incorporates Cooler Master’s Cool-in technology in which the yarn of the fabric is optimized for ventilation and moisture absorption, allowing for a cool and dry seating experience.

Highly adjustable

Cooler Master GD160 Caliber X1C 21

In addition to the comfortable seating experience, the chair is also extremely versatile thanks to its adjustability. In addition to gas spring height adjustment, the backrest can also be tilted up to 180 degrees.

There are four different ways to adjust the palm rest, you will certainly find the right position according to your tastes.


Cooler Master GD160 Caliber X1C 20

Overall, we’re happy with our latest gaming PC setup, with the chair being the biggest surprise for exceeding our expectations. Remember that a proper gaming setup is just as important as having a set of good gaming peripherals. Your investment will pay off since you’ll be using it for hours for each gaming session. furniture set will last much longer with proper maintenance. Cooler Master’s offering is sure to please those looking to upgrade their current gaming setup for years to come.

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