Watch this guy build a PC gaming station with only the AmazonBasics product

There is no doubt that PC gaming can turn into an expensive hobby. There are a number of changes to be made to the parts inside your gaming rig. Once you’ve pumped everything internally onto all of the cylinders, now it’s time to think outside the box, literally. Keyboards, monitors, mice, and sound are all starting to be part of the equation. But, Amazon just might have the solution for you with its AmazonBasics branded product line.

You are so basic

The brand that Amazon has introduced in recent years offers options instead of paying full price for branded products. For example, during the holiday season I was looking for a rather inexpensive digital condenser mic for light vocal recording. Low and voila, Amazon had an offer that was typically $ 15-20 less than others see online and in stores. It was the same when I took a household paper shredder to rid my office of pesky old paper statements. The same price-conscious mindset has been deployed for its gaming PC product line. I mean, you might not get the best quality on its own (as seen in the video with the soundbar at $ 69) but most of the time, these products are meant to get the job done.

The most good, ever

The majority of the products seen in the video appear to be pretty decent iterations of their branded counterparts. For someone who grew up with a few off-brand products, like controllers, sometimes there is no substitute for the real thing. However, if you are looking to buy something until payday, or even need something in the meantime, there are at least some options so that you don’t miss out on some precious game time.

Who knows, you might end up like me and keep buying the same cheap PowerA controller from Best Buy.

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