What gambling skills are most useful for online blackjack?

We read a lot about transferable skills these days in all sorts of settings. It is therefore not surprising that these also apply to games. It may seem like you’re facing off against an advancing zombie army or you’re on a mission to take over the universe. But you’re also honing some abilities that you can apply to other game genres because of the core elements involved.

blackjack (CC BY 2.0) by Andreasgh

For example, many of the characteristics required for success in console gaming also apply to much more traditional games. Consider table games. If you have ever played blackjack online at Paddy Power games, for example, the need to be focused, strategic and retain information applies just as much to Premium Blackjack or Live Blackjack as it does to most. console titles. This is because unlike slots or roulette, you are playing directly against the dealer and the decisions you make in the game itself can have a direct effect on your success.

So what exactly are the skills you can pick up when playing on your console that you can use at the blackjack table when playing online?


The first of these must be concentration. In a video game, you may need to focus your attention for a considerable amount of time while playing, which means blocking out other distractions. Wearing headphones certainly makes this easier and that’s why many online blackjack players do too. This way they can focus more on the dealt cards. As for the evidence that playing video games can increase the ability to concentrate, there is plenty of research evidence to support the theory from a large number of reputable sources like the American Psychological Association.

flexible thinking

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Another skill needed in blackjack is the ability to think flexibly when playing and to change strategy or approach if necessary. It’s a lot like the problem-solving thought processes that are brought into play and developed over time in video games. Even the authoritative publication Psychology Today has published experience reports that this is a feature of the game and that the most successful players are those who can develop this ability most effectively.


Memory is equally important in both areas. In games, it can be finding Easter eggs or just remembering how to get to the next level. In blackjack, it’s all about being able to learn and memorize something called basic strategy. This takes the form of a series of arrays that run through all the permutations of hands that can be dealt. The tables indicate whether it will be more advantageous to take another card or to stand. Everything has been worked out by computer – and it’s just a matter of learning the tables by heart.

In action

So the next time you play a console game or an online title like Blackjack, you’ll see the transferable skills you can apply to both. This becomes evident when you apply these skills in action and even encourages us to try new games, which is a positive outcome for any avid gamer.